Quick Question about Update 1.9

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You guys remember Burnout Paradise right?  It's that kick ass racing game from 2008 that Jeff loved.
I was just surfing the XBL marketplace and I noticed there was a 1.9 update that I never got.  Now here is my question.  After I get this update can I delete the other updates as well?  I was looking at the marketplace and I didn't see the Cagney, 1.6, 1.7, or the Bikes updates on the marketplace anymore.  I was thinking 1.9 just included those four updates plus some new stuff as well.  Does anyone know the answer to this?

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Yeah, 1.9 is, more or less, all the other updates, including Bikes, in one. Just download that and you'll be good.

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god i love burnout paradise!!

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Yeah, 1.9 includes all those updates, so it's all you need in that regard. In fact, it probably would be best if you deleted the old updates listed on your system -- I had issues way back when getting Bikes to work when Cagney was still sitting on my hard drive. At the very least, getting rid of the pre-1.9 updates on your system'll save some space.
That whole strange system of updates had something to do with Criterion preferring the PS3's update system to Xbox 360's title updates, I think.
EDIT: Whoops, beaten to the punch. Guess I'll elaborate a bit so as to make this post less awkward!

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Thanks everyone!  After I get the update downloaded, it's Burnout time!

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Burnout Paradise is awesome, it's sad Criterion hasn't released anything since Big Surf Island.

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