#1 Posted by mikey87144 (1484 posts) -

I know that the bombcrew is very biased towards the 360 but is their any chance they play the PS3 version of this? I believe that was considered the better version since Sony gave Criterion more control over the updates. (Sidenote. How the hell didn't this game sell more? Looking up the sales figures I'm really concerned they might never make another proper Burnout again).

#2 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -

I'm hoping for PC

#3 Posted by Shookems (473 posts) -

I was hoping they'd play the PC version

#4 Posted by Shookems (473 posts) -


#5 Posted by mosespippy (3735 posts) -

I doubt it'll be on PS3 but I sent GBTNT a friend request just in case.

#6 Posted by AndrewB (7190 posts) -

Don't blame me. I bought it 3 times. 360 and a little DLC, PC, and PC (different download versions).

#7 Posted by chilibean_3 (1581 posts) -

They are "biased" towards 360 because that is the system where people actually show up for the TNTs. Send them a friend request, worth a shot. Not likely though.

#8 Posted by Pazy (2553 posts) -

If its on PC im there.

#9 Posted by Skyfire543 (583 posts) -

If they're on PS3 I'm there for sure. Gonna go send out a friend request just in case right now.

#10 Posted by iAmJohn (6091 posts) -

Hoping they play some PS3.

#11 Posted by Dallas_Raines (2047 posts) -

I just got the PC version, so that'd be cool.

#12 Posted by Strife777 (1431 posts) -

If they do play it on PS3 it probably won't be for as long as the 360, especially if people don't show up.

#13 Posted by Wraxend (539 posts) -

Just sent them a friend request for the PS3 aswell, fingers crossed!

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