WARNING - STEAM Users Beware

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I just thought that I should let you know... if anyone is thinking of purchasing this game on STEAM... you may have a problem actually PLAYING the f*@king thing once you get it. A lot of people (myself included) are getting an "invalid CD-Key" error once they've installed the game. The only way to correct this error is to connect with a live chat EA support person and get them to activate it for you. 

I generally have been pretty favorable of EA's game titles for the past few years, but their authentication and on-line policy is still in the farking toilet.
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Just wondering, why did you sensor fucking?
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@NTM said:
" Just wondering, why did you sensor fucking? "
Think of the kids..
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At least they'll help you get it fixed. No biggie.

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fuck the f*@k


As JJ said, no biggie

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Me and some of my friends bought this on the Steam Sale recently and the same issue is back, basically, Steam didn't have enough CD-Keys for the game and now it has to wait for EA/whoemver takes care of that to send new keys.

Also, the 'Ultimate' version doesn't include all the DLC, running the risk of being called 'entitled' and all that I think that's very misleading at the least.

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You probably already tried this, but just in case:

Close Steam and try running it again as Admin. There were a few times I've gotten CD-Key errors and that fixed it.

EDIT: Whoops, just noticed the date on this thread's OP. Hopefully you have it working by now :P

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@Rasgueado: Thanks for the heads up. Will check my other recent steam EA purchases also.

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