What do you think of Bikes?

#1 Posted by Hostile_Dan (29 posts) -

Does anyone here actively use them? I've probably not even played them for more than an hour! Seems a shame becaue it was a huge update but has been seemingly ignored by the majority of Burnout players i know.

#2 Posted by Bigandtasty (3204 posts) -

They're alright to pass the time but the lack of stuff to do with them (boost, takedowns, stunts, game modes, etc.) made most people ignore them.

#3 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8609 posts) -

I found them fun when I used them....for like 45 minutes. I have used them a few times since but the cars are still the real draw for me in the game. However, you can't fault how freaking fast those bikes go.

#4 Posted by Drebin_893 (2943 posts) -

I think they're boring. Very, very boring.

#5 Posted by Nat3TheGreat13 (260 posts) -

No, At first I was like these are pretty cool then an hour later they were not fun at all.

#6 Posted by Supermarius (1196 posts) -

I like em. I did a bunch of road rules times on em, and there are new road rules for the bikes on big surf island. I like the sense of speed and the fluid cornering they provide although it sucks that they dont have an E-brake. Also, yay for the sexy female rider.

#7 Posted by sketch (194 posts) -

I thought they were pretty fun, but I hated the way they crashed. I understand why they don't want to show the rider flying away and hitting the ground, but still...

#8 Posted by Yummylee (22679 posts) -

Not enough content surroundin em for me to last long on a bike. Only fun because...well your riding motorcyles at near light speed :P
I still spend like 98% of me time in cars though.

#9 Posted by JJWeatherman (14575 posts) -

There are only 3 bikes right? The two that came out for free and the toy version you have to pay for. If there were more options I would use them more. I want a faster bike. Everyone says they are so fast but the fastest ones speed rating really isn't high at all.

#10 Posted by PlatypusPlatoon (97 posts) -

It's unfortunate there's no content to go along with the bikes other than time trials, cause the feeling of riding the bikes is awesome.  I think the bikes should have been paid DLC, which would allow Criterion to justify spending more time in adding additional game modes and content surrounding the bikes.

#11 Posted by Gamer_152 (14126 posts) -

I use them now and then but I use the cars much, much more. Still, they were free and I think they provide enough amusement as a small addition to the game, I just wish there were more of them.

#12 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

If bikes were an option for online races, I'd use them way more often. It's really a shame they didn't include that (unless Criterion patched it in and I didn't notice), since the bikes are pretty much raw, wild speed. You'd think they'd be perfect for their own races and ranked matches.

#13 Posted by Hostile_Dan (29 posts) -

Even after posting this thread i've not even bothered to try them, for me they are a bit too fast, it's no fun crashing off them all the time and it looks lame because they cut away so you don't see the driver fly off either (probably didn't want the game being an 18 or R rated). Maybe if they had tied more achievements to them then people would be more willing to try it out? I know i certainly would if i could get a few gamerscores.

#14 Posted by Emandudeguyperson (2501 posts) -

They control horribly, i actively dislike them.

#15 Posted by ShadowVirus (793 posts) -

They can be quite entertaining and fun but just quite boring, not much you can do with them compared to cars.

#16 Posted by dutch42 (533 posts) -

I wasn't exactly blown away

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