What is all the free dlc everyone was always talking about?

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I just bought the game and downloaded the 1.9 patch on my 360, and that was the only free dlc. Is all the free stuff everyone gushed over included in this update? And if it is, then what is it besides 2 extra bikes.
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I agree that the whole "Criterion supports Burnout Paradise so well" thing is an exaggeration but it's not so much the amount of free DLC as it is the frequent patches and communicating with their fanbase.

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Yeah, the 1.9 patch includes all of the free DLC. That includes the day/night cycle, bikes, and a few other small things. The more recent paid DLC, namely Big Surf Island, is the main thing that has been bringing people back into Paradise at the moment.

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The Giant Bomb article has a pretty comprehensive list of changes made in the three free DLC patches. Just click Overview on the top of the Menu.

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the day/night system and the bikes 

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yeah, I saw the updates in the overview before, but I just remember there being high praise for free added content and not just title updates.  I don't have a problem with it and I think the game is great, I just thought I was missing something, but I guess I didn't remember it right.

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