There are a lot of cars in Burnout Paradise.

Hunter Cavalry

- The Hunter Cavalry is the car that the player starts out with in Burnout Paradise. Its not very strong or fast but its a solid car for getting used to the madness that is Burnout: Paradise. The cars speed was reduced in a later update to make the start of the game even easier.

Unlocks - When you start the game. Class: Stunt

Hunter Mesquite

- The Mesquite is a decent aggression car that can help players in the early aggression events. Its basically a truck which makes it stronger than the Cavalry.

Unlocks - When you receive your class D license after winning 2 races with the Cavalry. Class: Aggression

Nakamura SI-7

- The first shutdown rival encountered in the game, the Nakamura SI-7 is a front-wheel drive Speed Boost vehicle. Its faster than the first 2 cars and also the first speed car you encounter.

Unlocks - After 3 wins it appears in the city and you have to crash it to unlock the car. Class: Speed

Hunter Vegas

- The Vegas is the first vehicle the player will get with a noticeable speed increase. Unfortunately, the low rider style rims with skinny tires do not do well in the way of grip. This car goes for style.

Unlocks - win 5 races then ram it off the road to unlock it. Class: Stunt

Krieger Pioneer

- It is a strong SUV, one that can handle a bump or two on the road. It also has decent speed and surprisingly good handling for such a heavy vehicle.

Unlocks - win 7 races then ram it off the road to unlock it. Class: Aggression

Nakamura Ikusa GT

- Its ability to perform stunts such as drifting, its top speed, and fantastic handling are what make this car great early on. It performs well in race events as well as Stunt Run events

Unlocks - This car is awarded with your Class C license after 9 wins. Class: Stunt

Kitano Hydros Custom

- The Kitano Hydros Custom is basically a front wheel drive shopping cart with a big nitrous system. Don't expect to get too much out of it until you unleash the boost.

Unlocks - After 10 wins it appears and you have to shut it down. Class: Speed

Hunter Reliable Custom

- Looks like an antique, but above-average strength and a gentle drift make quite a handy package. An unconventional little all-rounder. You cant really drive this car without constantly drifting.

Unlocks - After 13 wins it appears and you have to shut it down. Class: Aggression

Watson R-Turbo Roadster

- Light, agile and with phenomenal grip, the Watson R-Turbo Roadster is the choice for drivers out to run rings around bigger vehicles. Don't expect to win many fights with it though.

Unlocks - After 16 wins it appears and you have to shut it down. Class: Stunt

Rossolini LM Classic

- Handles like its real life Ferrari P counter part - the faster this car goes, the better it controls. Steering in first gear with the accelerator planted will guarantee a fishtail, but it handles incredibly well on highways and through regular turns

Unlocks - After 19 wins it appears and you have to shut it down. Class: Speed

Hunter Manhattan

- It handles like a barge, but when you're sailing through the air doing a double barrel roll you at least won't go unnoticed! Showing off is the order of the day here.

Unlocks - After 22 wins it appears and you have to shut it down. Class: Stunt

Carson Fastback

- More than just a car, the Carson Fastback is a celebration of freedom. Freedom of expression. Freedom of spirit. Freedom of cornering - really, really sideways! It looks like junk but packs a punch.

Unlocks - Comes with the B class license. Class: Speed

Carson Grand Marais

- Loved by Hollywood glitterati and mafia bosses alike, the Carson Grand Marais is the ultimate getaway car. It takes a while to get rolling, but it really takes some stopping!

Unlocks - Win 26 Races and then shut it down. Class: Aggression

Montgomery Hyperion

- The Montgomery Hyperion has a few surprises up its sleeve. The problem isn't that it doesn't do what you tell it to, more that it does it all a bit too eagerly! Its not a particularly good car for racing but it makes up for it with its looks

Unlocks - Win 30 races and shut it down to unlock it. Class: Stunt

Krieger 616 Sport

- High tech doesn't even begin to describe it. Computer-controlled supercar power. Computer-controlled all wheel drive. Computer-controlled traction aid. This car's probably smarter than you are!

Unlocks - Win 34 Races and Shut it down to unlock it. Class: Speed

Hunter Spur

- A pure street brawler. It can be stubborn round corners, so don't be afraid to use the e-brake or, alternatively, the side of a rival's car to help make a turn.

Unlocks - Win 38 Races and shut it down to unlock it. Class: Aggression

Montgomery GT 2400

- An out-and-out track car. Light, powerful, and so much grip that it takes a lot of persuading to make it go sideways. Watch out for some under steer when cornering at speed.

Unlocks - Win 42 races and shut it down to unlock it. Class: Speed

Jansen P12

- Known by its fans as The Pocket Rocket, the Jansen P12 is grippy and maneuverable. If you want to get the back end out, thump the throttle down.

Unlocks - Win 46 races and shut it down. Class: Stunt

Carson Inferno Van

- Handles like a tank. Hits like a tank. Basically, it is a tank. It just looks like a van. It also has an impressive top speed for one of the heaviest cars in Paradise City.

Unlocks - Win 51 events and shut it down. Class: Aggression

Rossolini Tempesta

- The Rossolini Tempesta looks good and you want one. So don't focus on the blistering power or the punchy, responsive drift. Winning isn't everything. Looking good while you're winning is essential.

Unlocks - Awarded for getting the A class license. Class: Speed

Carson Opus

- The Carson Opus is the ultimate in pimpin' street cool! It's not the nimblest stunt car around, but that extra weight comes in handy when things get rough.

Unlocks - Win 56 events and shut it down. Class: Stunt

Carson Annihilator

- Affordable big block muscle, home customized into a supercar stomping street machine. It may not be refined, but it's brash, it's effective and it's a lot of fun.

Unlocks - Win 61 events and shut it down. Class: Aggression

The Jansen X12

Jansen X12

- It's fast. It's a bit mental. And it doesn't like you very much. But if you've got the skills to tame it, there aren't many cars faster.

Unlocks - Win 66 events and shut it down. Class: Speed

Kitano Touge Sport

- A delicately balanced drifting machine, the Touge's GT pedigree also gives it a straight line speed that's not to be laughed at. Its a very solid stunt car.

Unlocks - Win 71 events and shut it down. Class: Stunt

Hunter Takedown 4x4

- This is the ideal choice for bullies. In the Hunter Takedown 4X4, it's always YOUR right of way. Its the strongest car in the game.

Unlock - Win 77 events and shut it down. Class: Aggression

Carson 500 GT

- A true-blood racer's car. Low-tech, tricky to master, but devilishly quick if you're good enough. Are you good enough? So fast you cant even blink before you hit the wall but if you manage not to crash you'll soon find yourself in 1st place.

Unlock - Win 83 events and shut it down. Class: Speed

Hunter Racing Oval Champ

- Straight from the racing ovals, this is a hot, race tuned stock car. It's nimble and stable in a straight line, but its racing pedigree makes drifting a bit uncomfortable.

Unlock - Win 89 events and shut it down. Class: Aggression

Carson GT Concept

- The new generation of American muscle cars is here, and they've finally put the MUSCLE back in. What's more, it might even make it round the occasional corner.

Unlock - Awarded for getting the Burnout license. Class: Stunt

Hunter Citizen

- Paradise City's idea of law enforcement. It's more like a battle cruiser than a police cruiser. It takes an age to turn, but you'd need a torpedo to stop it!

Unlocks - Win 99 events and shut it down. Class: Aggressive

Watson 25 V16 Revenge

- This car has an awful lot of torque. Too much for it to handle. It's driven it mad. Drunk with power. It's practically foaming at the grill! Its incredible speed and good strength would make it an awesome car, if it was even slightly controllable.

Unlocks - Win 108 events and shut it down. Class: Speed

Montgomery Hawker

- The Montgomery Hawker is, to put it simply, crazy. As well as being a competitive racer, this is the ultimate stunt car. Find a split ramp and land some barrel rolls!

Unlocks - Win 116 events and shut it down. Class: Stunt

Krieger Überschall 8

- If you can keep it under control, this is a seriously rapid piece of equipment. In drifts, use the throttle to get the back end moving, then hold on tight.

Unlocks - Win 128 events and shut it down. Class: Speed

Carson Thunder Custom

- Great on the straight-ways and not too bad in a fight. When this monster hits the streets, the only safe place is behind the wheel.

Unlocks - Win 140 events and shut it down. Class: Aggression

Carson Hot Rod Coupe

- For burning up straight roads, the Carson & Bennett Hot Rod Coupe is second to none. Watch out for the boost wheelie at low speed.

Unlocks - Win 154 events and shut it down. Class: Stunt.

Krieger Racing WTR

- Have you ever wondered what top-flight motor sport would be like on Planet Burnout? The Krieger Racing WTR is the ultimate Burnout racecar.The final Car in the original Burnout: Paradise.

Unlocks - Win 168 events and destroy it to own it. Class: Speed

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