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Racing Game FAILED!!!

OK. To make this short, the game isn't the best game in the world and it dosen't even hit the average game mark. The Burnout series have always been a big deal and this falls miserably. To explain the story, there's nothing to it other than becoming the best driver around. This game takes place in Paradise City, a large open world that looks pretty decent but it's sad that there isn't any day and night cycle to add a little more variety. What the game needed the most was more choices in events to earn exp and reputation instead of the same 3 events. The gameplay is pretty simple and obvious for a normal racing RT for acceleration LT to brake/drift. The visuals are also pretty good looking and what all Burnout's do best on is the wrecking and crashing. The sound effects and detail that they put in wreck's are impressive bu that is the only impressive thing in the whole game. Overall the game seemed to be incomplete and unfinished and I reccomend rent first or don't even bother.

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