generic_ninja's Burnout Paradise (Xbox 360) review

First Burnout game, Pretty damn good

Well this was one of my most anticipated games when i finally got an Xbox 360and picked out all the games that i wanted and to be honest from what ive played only at class B right now its a pretty fullfully and worthy game of this score for these reasons that i will show right now.

Lets get on to the gameplay since there is really no story at all...your basically just crashing into people and earning rep for your licence class to go up every time you win like 15 events or 30 or more.

So when it comes to the gameplay as Alex Navarro said and i will totally miss you definetly one of gamespots best ever, that once you start the game up and go oh yea this is might take you like...just 45 minutes to reajust where your sitting or get a drink or some food or lie back and releax really do get overwhelmed at these places that you go to and in some cases (which includes me) might just go extreamly slow at the start and then realise...oh yea youe supposed to be going like 180 miles an hour and just desotry everything that gets near you.

Which is probably the most fun of this game is just smashing into other cars or doing the most bizare crash that you could ever think of because that sheer satisfaction of watching some other care go flying to the side or hitting into the back of a bus is really REALLY satisfying, which also brings me to a part that i felt that this game really lacked at....for being a free world experienced game....there is sure as hell alot of trafic that really seems to get in your way when your in a race of doing marked back wether its going really fast or going through a intersection then all of a sudden the line that you were going down a truck appears infront of you and you just get extreamly frustrated.

WHICH then brings me to another fact of this game that cordinating the streets of the city with the compass or mini map really isnt that helpful at all because not only when your in a race do you have to look at the road and find short cuts to go through and look to see if your about to hit a car, but when your going really fast and you have to continuaslly keep looking back at the mini map to see where your going BAMM!! theres a wall or a car there that you hit because you have to keep switching back from looking at the mini map (which is also pretty small and diffcult to see) and also pay attention of whats infront of you which can get frustrating and just make you want to quit.

A really neat and interesting thing to do is when you do want to start a event you go to a set of street lights press down on two buttons and there your in a event, the only set back to this that if you fail that event and want to try it again you have to drive all the way back and retake which you shouldent do anyway because theirs probably many events already around you.

A great feature to this is the online play which holds up to 8 players simutanously which is really cool especially when you get into the later challenges and its a really easy quick way to actually do it you just press right on the D pad select a couple of options and it dosent matter where you are in the city and there you you got a bunch of people around you killing you and doing weird stuff lol.

Alright enough about gameplay lets get into the graphics of this game (i will not get into the controls because thats simple and should be easy to figure out). When talking about graphics you look at both games for the diffrent platforms and to be honest the PS3 has a slighter edge on the Xbox 360 but other then that they both seem identical when it comes to the graphical style of gameplay both with beautiful crashes with parts flying off or the sun setting behind the background of Paradise City.

The sound (when it comes to hitting walls or engines reveing) is really fantastic you actually feel like your doing mean and terrible things when you hit another car or in vise versa when they hit your car and you go flying across the road, NOW when it comes to the sound track....its pretty terrible...Guns N' Roses did the main theme song which pops up everytime you start the game and is kinda annoying...then you just have weird songs in the game like Girlfreind from Avril Lavigne which is just like.....ok....stop...turn off done! and then you have this DJ that pops up everytime to give you hints that you should already know by now or comments you on how bad you suck when you lose a event and ya cant even turn him off....if its a radio im pretty sure you can turn it off.

So overall other then the stupid soundtrack the annoying Dj and the impossibly hard streets to naviage with cars pop up infront of you it really really is ALOT of fun to get into with your freind to complete all 360 i think of challenges online, and for newcomers i think you should just wait a bit and let everything releax and go to a freinds house and play it and see how it is because you might be overwhelmed like i was (i only rented the game)

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