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It's a little to nichey to be 5 stars.

Burnout Paradise is an insanely crazy driving game, It's also structured like a grinding MMO. You spend your time completing one event at a time of the three types being stunt run, road rage, race, and marked man. The game however merely rewards you with new cars that control nearly the same as the others it just changes some of the luck and speed. This makes the single player game feel monotonous. The Online play is okay but the original way they wanted people to play it rarely comes forth, they expected that they could put 8 people in one city and expect them to cooperate?! The only way you'll be able to get anything done is by having 7 people who are good friends with you who have the game. The interfaces in the game are also often clunky and confusing. All of this considered the core gameplay is still phenomenal, it's just that you expect for more variaty and if you're going to do online for it to be easier to a acheive your goals.

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