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Driving is a pleasure in Paradise

Burnout Paradise is a super charged open world racing game. It has 5 modes in the single player mode that will give players a verity of challenges. The modes include the legendary Road Rage, Classic Race, Insane Freeburn Routes, and the new Stunt Run. The game unlocks levels based on the burnout license the player obtains during the playtime. The more races the player wins the closer chance the player gets to unlock a new license.

Burnout Paradise also includes a multiplayer mode over Xbox Live. The online mode starts off as a free burn mode where players can feel free to mess around in the city of Paradise. Criteron Games promises to make updates to the online mode to include all of the single player modes online over Xbox Live. The update is due in August.

Overall the Game is great and a pleasure to play online. The achievemnt points are done perfect and include co-op achienvemnts that require atleast more than one person to obtain. making it critical to work together online to achive points. The Burnout also has great visuals but lack a good soundtrack, fortunaly Xbox 360 has custom soundtracks. Its a good buy and a must have for any Burnout Fans.


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