mastercontrol's Burnout Paradise (PlayStation 3) review

beeping down the street has a new meaning.

This game came out for the PS3 and Xbox360 in Jan. of 08, and has just been released on PC this past Feb. It’s been constantly updated with new modes and vehicles, some free, some for a price, the support from the developer has been great.

The Good – Intense arcade style racing gameplay. Graphics have a fast, silky smooth framerate. Car wrecks seem to be randomly generated and are some of the most spectacular of any game.The sense of speed is exhilarating, the satisfaction from wrecking other cars is second to none. Open world design keeps objectives fresh, almost every intersection is a race, time lap, stunt run, or wrecking competition(road rage) that can start any time you pull up to one. You can stop an objective any time just by pulling over.

The Bad – Uneven challenge in some of the modes for some people perhaps, example, I just can’t seem to get very good at the stunt runs, yet some are experts. I’m pretty good at road rage though. Huge soundtrack is hit or miss. While the challenges show up on the mini map, there’s no waypoint marker that you can set, so if you want a specific challenge, you look at the map and try to remember where it is, or keep pulling up the map, checking till you get there. Due to the open world design, a regular race can easily be lost by taking a wrong turn which can be frustrating sometimes.

The Ugly – When you play online, you can keep a camera attached to the system(xbox vision or playstation eye), the system snaps a photo when you lose a race so your opponent can see your loser face :-p


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    Burnout Paradise is an insanely crazy driving game, It's also structured like a grinding MMO. You spend your time completing one event at a time of the three types being stunt run, road rage, race, and marked man. The game however merely rewards you with new cars that control nearly the same as the others it just changes some of the luck and speed. This makes the single player game feel monotonous. The Online play is okay but the original way they wanted people to play it rarely comes forth, the...

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