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A great island 'vacation'

Did you like Burnout Paradise for the crazy jumps, billboard smashing and rad as hell crashes?  If the answer to any of those is yes, than Big Surf Island is made for you.  Billed as a 'vacation', it's essentially more gates to smash, more billboards to throw your self at, roads to rule, cars to unlock, and most spectacularly, the most ludicrous jumps in the game.  If jumping onto a jump to jump part of bridge sounds exciting to you, then you'll love it.  For $12.99, its essentially 5 or more hours depending on how deep you get and you can also unlock toy versions of the separate DLC legendary cars, so thats a little price bonus as well.  While smaller, they still do what the others do (the 88 hovers, the bootlegger still has the awesome horn, etc).  There's also addictional freeburn challanges for the online inclined so it has more of everything Burnout Paradise had.  The only complaint I can make is the fact that it installed as a patch before I even bought it, so if you dont want to buy it, if you're connected to the internet, your still gonna have the 400+mb chunk download before you jump in.  But all in all, if you loved Burnout Paradise as much as me, than buy it.

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