Which did/do you like better, Burnout Paradise or Revenge?

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Are you people crazy? Paradise was amazing!?!

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At a glance I thought this was a topic about dildo's.

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Lets be clear. I love Burnout Paradise. I still play it to this day. I love the open world nature of it, the Stunt Runs, the seamless online, and the slow motion crashes at 60 fps. That being said I definitely had more fun with Revenge. I preferred the track based racing, especially the revenge part of it. For those who haven't played it, in that game if you crash slow motion kicks in and you can steer your car into the other racers and blow up. If your boost bar was all the way filled up there was a great chance you could take out all your competitors. It still remains the only racing game I've ever played were crashing was a legitimate strategy to help you win. Also lets not forget the best Crash mode in the series. I wasn't the biggest fan of the mode but I still enjoyed the pin point precision needed to execute as much carnage as possible. The sense of speed was better and because it was track based the courses were better too.

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Paradise just wasn't for me, I preferred Revenge. My favourite in the series is Takedown, though.

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Paradise was goddamn annoying, ive spend more time looking at the minimap than looking at the actual race, I could never get my head around on having an open world in a racing game. And the menus, those fucking menus, everything has to have extreme cool animations and takes you ten times as much to go to the options and make a single change.

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Burnout Revenge, simply because it had split screen.

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Paradise, the game just looked simply AMAZING. also i played it on my PC with 3 monitors which was bad ass to say the least.

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burnout 3

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Burnout 3

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I never played Revenge, but between Burnout Paradise and Burnout 3: Takedown, it's going to be Burnout 3 every time.  Still the best in the franchise, I think (I played 1, 2, 3, & Para).

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@DeeGee said:

At a glance I thought this was a topic about dildo's.

Same. Also Burnout 3. Revenge was ok and Paradise was kinda shit by comparison imho.

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I love Paradise but Revenge had focused tracks, I hated map-reading at speed in paradise. Plus the crash mode which is superior to Paradise's 'Showtime' events and it's generally just more enjoyable in my opinion.

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I'm a fan of the Rampant Rabbit.

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Takedown is the best

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Revenge was alright though.

Paradise sucks in my opinion because I hate open worlds in racing games - especially in Burnout I want to drive fast on linear tracks winding through beautiful landscapes - not through cities with lots of crossroads that constantly ruin the flow of the game and such.

Actually, Criterion got the world/tracks right in NFS Hot Pursuit. Despite it's open nature, it was closed off tracks through beautiful and diverse landscapes in races.

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Burnout Revenge had crashbreaker, a non-open world style, and crash mode.

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Paradise...but I still prefer NFS: Hot Pursuit to either of them. 
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I like Revenge better, but to be fair I was playing a lot of Revenge before Paradise; by the time Paradise was out I was fatigued, so I did not played as much as I wanted to.

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For me it's clearly Revenge. I played it on the original X-Box and the graphics blew my mind back in the day - it squeezed amazing stuff out of the old hardware. Also, I just don't like the Open World as it is presented in Paradise, it's basically a ghost town. The game seems a tad too serious overall. I prefer the silly mayhem over the driving, and Paradise was more about the driving.

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Revenge is the best Burnout game. Paradise is amazing, but also a kind of mediocre Burnout game.

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The revenge dildo is less sexy than you might imagine...unless you're into that sort of thing

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Paradise for me. Looked great, allot of fun, online was good and soundtrack was amazing.

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I had far more fun with Revenge than I did with Paradise.

Paradise was a good game but I found the open world nature annoying when actually trying to play the game (especially if you wanted to play a specific game mode).

Also, Revenge had split-screen which was nice and the best part of the Burnout franchise: Crash mode!

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@natetodamax said:

Burnout 3

All the way.

Could never memorize the tracks in Paradise nor did I want to. Prefer relying on my reflexes. It's why I loved Hot Pursuit so much. Similar open world appeal but with sectioned off tracks. Shame that even that game had some curious design issues that Burnout 3 solved so many years ago.

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@DeeGee said:

At a glance I thought this was a topic about dildo's.

I prefer the knobby kind

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People who like Burnout Revenge are crazy.  The game didn't feel at all like a burnout game to me, and it was always too dark to actually see what was happening.  Burnout's 2 & 3 are still the best in the series though i put a solid 150 + Hours into Paradise.  I would love to see an HD remastering of Burnout 3.

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Burnout 3... best racing game in the history of racing games.

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Revenge just because I like its more closed off and structured nature. Everything in that game just felt frantic and I loved that always on the brink of losing control type feel it nailed so well.

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I just couldn't read maps fast enough to get into Paradise. That game was so close to being fantastic, if it had only some kind of visual indicator of the suggested route to the finish then I would have played it enough that I might have started learning shorter routes.

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Takedown is still my favorite. I never played much of a Revenge but I did play quite a bit of Paradise and while it was fun, I didn't like the open world nature of it. And I typically love open world games.

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I can't be the only person who read that as "which dildo do you like better"...right?

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I love them both for different reasons.

In Burnout: Revenge I enjoyed the layout (see: linearity) of the tracks more then in Paradise, where I would take a wrong turn every once in awhile. I liked the traffic checking, too. In Burnout Paradise, I really liked the car designs (especially the police versions that later came in the Cops and Robbers DLC) and the online system as a whole.

But, in an ideal world where both games are heavily populated with plenty of people to race against, I'd probably take Revenge though. Had some amazing times playing that game online.

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Revenge, but Paradise was still a fucking awesome game.

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I totally get the appeal of Paradise, but totally prefer Revenge.

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Burnout 3 because it was still totally fresh at the time. Also proper crash mode.

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Burnout 3 Takedown! I am offended that it is not included in this poll.

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@DeeGee said:

At a glance I thought this was a topic about dildo's.

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I would say revenge just because when playing paradise i found that the open world nature did not really make it more fun and i did not really care for it. But i think takedown was the best out of  the burnout games, because i did not like the traffic checking that was added to the gameplay in revenge it toke away the thrill you had when you knew you were going way to damn fast and are barely keeping control by zooming passed traffic.
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@SamFo said:
Are you people crazy? Paradise was amazing!?!
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Burnout Paradise is probably the greatest multi-player experience I've ever had, except maybe Counter-Strike, years ago.

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split screen takes it for me. None of the good racing games do it anymore. And games like Burnout and Hot Pursuit really benefit from it

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3. I don't play racing games very often, but Burnout 3 is pure addiction sauce. I haven't played Revenge, and Paradise is fantastic, but it's no 3.

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Revenge, because traffic checking is awesome

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revenge was good because it had tracks. paradise had the tracks except it wasn't really walls so i got lost a lot when racing. revenge also had crash maker and other things.

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