Which is the best Burnout game?

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#1 Posted by mercutio123 (473 posts) -
#2 Posted by armaan8014 (5443 posts) -

Loved Burnout:Revenge. It was great fun to unlock new cars and tracks, and the crash party mode was awesome.   Tried liking Paradise, but the whole open-world thing made it terribly boring.

#3 Posted by Synthballs (2193 posts) -

Takedown definitely.

#4 Posted by mercutio123 (473 posts) -

@ Synthballs: i think you may be right, i loved Paradise and still do but ever since they put the bies and the toy car packs in i've almost lost faith in it :s still hasn't stopped me from playing it for like 400 hours between xbox and ps3 :)

#5 Posted by Mrskidders (1330 posts) -

Im down Takedown as well, that game was fucking great.  I might actually go and pop it in now and play it.

#6 Posted by abdo (1043 posts) -

Burnout 3

#7 Posted by Vitor (2832 posts) -

Takedown was, quite simply, the greatest arcade racer ever made - they lost me with Paradise as I just didn't have time to memorise the map, something that was absolutely essential for high level play and an issue that apparently a lot of players had. Appreciated the ambition, the game less so.

#8 Posted by Lumley (964 posts) -

Burnout 3, followed by Burnout Paradise  
Not that there was anything wrong with Paradise. I wouldn't have wanted it to be another Burnout 3, it was perfect as it was.

#9 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

3 > 2 > Paradise > 1 > Revenge

#10 Posted by Gamer_152 (14109 posts) -

Burnout Paradise.

#11 Posted by TheRandomKo (240 posts) -

Burnout Revenge.. didn't play the earlier games and Paradise just didn't do it for me..

#12 Posted by ReefTrigger (91 posts) -

Take me down to paradise city where the cars are fast and the girls are pretty.
#13 Posted by MEATBALL (3468 posts) -

Burnout Takedown always felt like the series apex to me.

#14 Posted by mercutio123 (473 posts) -

Are any of you excited about Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit?  
I know it's not exactly Burnout but seeing as it's Criterion and all....

#15 Posted by JessicaBoo (404 posts) -

mmmmmmmm debatable for me, Burnout 3 and Revenge. :D 

#16 Posted by DarkTravesty (329 posts) -

personally i love burnout 3.

#17 Posted by zudthespud (3284 posts) -

I've never played 1, 3 or Dominator, but am I correct to believe dominator and legends are basically the same? 
If I were to put the games I have played into order, it would go 
2 > Revenge = Legends > Paradise 
I still fucking love paradise so that should tell you how much I love this series.

#18 Posted by GoofyGoober (933 posts) -

I loved me some burnout Revenge. Although Paradise has given me some great...GREAT times online. Singleplayer was ridiculously repetitive though.

#19 Posted by jonnyboy (2920 posts) -

Burnout 3. Paradise may have looked better, but it's another tragic case of unnecessary 'open world' crowbared into a game that really didn't benefit from it. Burnout is all about going really fast and battling each other not getting lost. Reading maps at 90 miles an hour just isn't fun.

#20 Posted by armaan8014 (5443 posts) -
@TheRandomKo said:
" Burnout Revenge.. didn't play the earlier games and Paradise just didn't do it for me.. "
#21 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1390 posts) -

Paradise. The only thing that could have improved it would have been a dedicated crash mode. With all that DLC you would think they would have put that in.

#22 Posted by Venatio (4493 posts) -

Burnout Paradise is the most awesome to me, and I played an insane amount of it due to the free awesome updates, spent like a 100 hours on it

#23 Posted by Kyelb22 (294 posts) -

Paradise, definitely. There was so much to do in that game, it was ridiculous. And all of the dlc just made it better.

#24 Posted by AjayRaz (12475 posts) -

Revenge was my favorite of the series. 3 and Paradise were exceptionally well done though 

#25 Posted by surajkalra (1 posts) -

I'm cunfused between revenge and takedown 3

#26 Posted by Jimi (1126 posts) -

3 and Paradise are my favourites. 4 is a good game but it felt like a more polished 3.

#27 Posted by laserbolts (5365 posts) -

3 is my favorite. Paradise was ok but I spent so much time playing 3.

#28 Edited by Winternet (8051 posts) -

Takedown, closely followed by Paradise.

God dammit, they should have done a new Paradise game.

#29 Posted by Baltimore (278 posts) -

Burnout 3 Takedown get's my vote. Yes, Paradise was excellent but Takedown had a vastly better crash mode. That game still gets played in my house while all the others stay on the shelves.

#30 Posted by Vextroid (1428 posts) -

3 Takedown, that crash mode!

#31 Edited by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

Burnout 3, because that's the one I played.

#32 Edited by meaninoflife42 (549 posts) -

It's hard for me to pick between Takedown or Revenge, but I go with Revenge. I couldn't care less about Paradise.

#33 Posted by Sweep (8974 posts) -

Burnout 2 was probably my favourite racing game ever.

#34 Posted by Shortbreadtom (860 posts) -


#35 Posted by believer258 (12176 posts) -

Takedown and Revenge are pretty closely tied, but I have to hand it to Revenge.

#36 Posted by kalibr (120 posts) -

Paradise was fun but Takedown is the best. Me and my friend spent so much time doing everything there is to do in that game and I have such fond memories of it. The car checking in Revenge took too much of the challenge out of it and it was just too ridiculous, even for a Burnout game

#37 Posted by ZagZagovich (770 posts) -


#38 Posted by Marcsman (3285 posts) -

Take me down to a Paradise City

#39 Posted by MachoFantastico (4884 posts) -

Takedown by far, had so much fun playing that for countless hours. I wasn't a fan of Paradise though, didn't like the open world aspect.

#40 Edited by Cathryn (550 posts) -

Revenge <3

Also, super old thread bump :/

#41 Posted by spiceninja (3068 posts) -


#42 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

Burnout 3: Takedown - just make sure to turn off 95% of the songs in the soundtrack.

#43 Posted by MideonNViscera (2252 posts) -


#44 Posted by LostDonuts (21 posts) -

Burnout Paradise is the best open world racing game if not the best racing game. Love me some Paradise City!

#45 Posted by Rebel_Scum (774 posts) -

Burnout 2 or 1. I can't remember. It played better before the gimmicky takedown stuff appeared and slowed down the pace of the game somewhat.

#46 Posted by AjayRaz (12475 posts) -

@ajayraz said:

Revenge was my favorite of the series. 3 and Paradise were exceptionally well done though

hell yeah, 2 and a half years younger Ajay.

#47 Posted by Boboblaw (328 posts) -

Takedown is, by a good country mile, the best racing game ever. Paradise is pretty darn good too.

#48 Posted by Pr1mus (3943 posts) -

Tie between 3 and Revenge for me. Fuck Paradise and everything about it.

#49 Posted by RandomHero666 (3183 posts) -

I've kinda lost track of them, It's been so long since I played any other than Paradise.

Probably 2 though, I remember the oval racer in that being great, and the good old crash mode.

#50 Edited by MetalGearSunny (7003 posts) -

It's a tie between Burnout 3 and Paradise. I prefer how Burnout 3 controls over Revenge. And Burnout Paradise is amazing. Fuck the haters.

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