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'Buzz! Quiz TV' gets the answers right.

The PS2 quiz series finally hits the PS3 with 'Buzz! Quiz TV.' The series is a huge succes overseas and a moderate success here in the States. The PS3 version of 'Buzz' looks to raise the stakes with wireless controllers (included in the box), online play, downloadable quiz packs (which are already available on the PSN Store), and the ability to create your own quizes at http://www.mybuzzquiz.com. These quizes can then be shared with everyone or just your friends. 

The point of Buzz is to answer trivia questions in 5 different categories. The categories are Music, Movies & TV, Lifestyle, Brainiac, and Sports. Within each category there are additional specific categories. For instance, Sports has a category dedicated to just Sports Personalities. How you answer the questions is specific to the game type of that round. You may have Fastest Finger, which is just like the trivia games you would play at a bar. The faster you select your answer, the more points received. Another mode conists of each player having to answer a question and they have to get it right to pass a bomb that they are holding. The goal is to have the most points going into the final round so you can then have a better chance of winning the game. The final round consists of everyone on platforms that raise according to your point total. Answer correctly and the quickest, and your platform raises even higher. Don't answer correctly and your platform recedes. Basically you can play like crap the entire game and go on a roll and still win the game.  

Being able to download additional question packs off of the PSN Store is a huge bonus. Though the pricing may be a bit high for some, it is another way of expanding the games question base so the chances of you seeing a duplicate are decreased. Each pack available now consists of 500 questions to a specific category. The other mode that keeps the game fresh is the 'My Buzz'' mode. This is where you can download yours or other users created quizzes. The quizzes are limited to 8 questions, but the amount of quizzes that can be produced are limitless. Online play works just like the offline play. The only difference is the maximum amount of players is 4.  Oflline games let you have up to 8 people with another set of  controllers. 

In the end, 'Buzz! Quiz TV' is easily worth the $60 price tag for limitless questions, online play, and 4 wireless controllers. 'Buzz! Quiz TV' has Trophy Support. 


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