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The stage 6 boss from Touhou 12 - Undefined Fantastic Object. She's a magician who specializes in increasing her physical abilities. She learned magic to extend her lifespan, but must gather faith by performing miracles to maintain her long life. She carries a magical scroll called the Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll, which is a cursed, sentient item.

Although she claims to be a Buddhist saint, and gives the impression of being a sweet-natured grandmother, she has strayed from the path of Buddhism to acquire demonic abilities. In truth, her powers are evil, and despite being a Buddhist priest, she could not possibly hope to achieve Nirvana.

Hijiri was sealed away in the demon land of Makai in order to prevent her from spreading her beliefs; however her followers Shou, Nazrin, Ichirin, and Murasa managed to revive her with the help of the jeweled pagoda. Although she is beaten by the heroine, she is allowed to rebuild her temple in Gensokyo, which sets the plots of later games into play.

She claims to believe in the equality of humans and youkai, however youkai dominate her temple and use it as a screen to attack humans. Hijiri seems to allow this to happen, despite her purported beliefs.

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