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Cabela's African Safari is a semi-open world adventure game that puts the player in the boots of an aspiring collector of renowned big game trophy animals. On the hunter's journey, the player will travel around Africa to find the most sought after trophy animals: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The Xbox 360 and PSP versions also have Tanzania as the final location.

The goal of the aspiring big game hunter is to hunt the 'big five' animals in Africa: Lions, Crocodiles, Rhinoceroses, Leopard and Elephants. During this journey, the huntsman will also kill other, smaller game and birds. The animals will be found either from tracking on foot or on top of a jeep.


Game Animals

African Bush ElephantBotswanaTrophy Animal
Black WildebeestSouth AfricaHerd Animal
Blue WildebeestSouth AfricaHerd Animal
BushbuckBotswanaTracking Animal
Cape BuffaloBotswana, Tanzania, ZimbabweHerd Animal, Trophy Animal
Dik-DikSouth AfricaTracking Animal
DuikerMozambique, South Africa
Egyptian GooseNamibia
ElandTanzania, ZimbabweTracking Animal
ElephantMozambique, South AfricaTrophy Animal
GemsbokNamibiaTracking Animal
Grey RhebokZimbabwe
HartebeestNamibiaHerd Animal
HippopotamusTanzaniaTrophy Animal
HyenaMozambiqueBaiting Animal
ImpalaSouth Africa
KuduNamibia, South AfricaTracking Animal
LeopardBotswana, Namibia, ZimbabweBaiting Animal, Trophy Animal
LionMozambique, TanzaniaTrophy Animal
Nile CrocodileTanzaniaTrophy Animal
NyalaMozambique, TanzaniaTracking Animal
OstrichBotswana, Namibia
Red Forest DuikerMozambiqueTracking Animal
Red-Billed TealZimbabwe
RhinocerosSouth Africa, TanzaniaTrophy Animal
Roan AntelopeNamibiaTracking Animal
Rock PigeonTanzania
Sable AntelopeZimbabwe
South Cape KuduSouth AfricaTracking
SpringbokSouth Africa, ZimbabweHerd Animal
Spur-Winged GooseBotswana
Turtle DoveSouth Africa
WarthogSouth AfricaHerd Animal
Yellow-Billed DuckMozambique, South Africa
ZebraBotswana, Mozambique, Namibia

Non-Game Animals

African Wild DogNamibia, South Africa
AlbatrossBotswana, Namibia
Barred CuckooMozambique
Cardinal WoodpeckerNamibia
GiraffeBotswana, Tanzania
White PelicanZimbabwe

Game Modes

Single Player

  • Instant Hunt
  • Big Five
  • Open Safari
  • Safari Hunt
  • Tournament
  • Winged Shooting Practice


  • Hot Seat

Cabela's Gun Library


  • .243/.243 Custom Bolt Rifle
  • .270 Bolt Rifle
  • .300/.300 Custom Bolt Rifle
  • .338 Bolt Rifle
  • .375 Bolt Rifle
  • .416/.416 Custom Bolt Rifle
  • .505/.505 Custom Bolt Rifle
  • .600 Bolt Rifle


  • .410 Over & Under/.410 Over & Under Custom Shotgun
  • .12 Gauge/ .12 Gauge Custom Shotgun

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