Giant Bomb Mailbag: Help the Bear Edition

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@Landon said:
" Serious question.  Why do people send them games they aren't going to:1. Cover in any real detail 2. Review 3. Personally play themselves I would assume they would just be missing sales because of these guys poking fun at product, for better or worse. "
They do that with every game to every site in hopes someone will play their product, and Giant Bomb will potentially pop it in for a quick look.  Whatever happens then (lauded over, made fun of, treated as nonexistant) is up to the publication.
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Speaking of "..opening on his behalf...", did Alex Navarro ever get his Arkham Asylum swag that was mailed to the Whisky Media offices back before he worked there?

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This is why I gave them my money. Makes me laugh every time, these antics of theirs.

#54 Posted by SpiritGoat (138 posts) -

Sweet they opened my package

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I love those Xenergy bottles because in big bold letters on the sides of them they say "Powered By Xyience"

#57 Posted by LtColJaxson (1186 posts) -

It's really weird their camera is such that when changing focusing settings, you can hear a click on the mic.

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Hahaha by far the best mailbag  

#59 Posted by GunnBjorn (2905 posts) -

Freeze dried ice cream?! 

#60 Posted by Shadow (5108 posts) -

I would totally eat that giant gummy worm in one sitting.

#61 Posted by davidh219 (353 posts) -
@Landon: I would assume it's a case of the people who are in charge of these care packages aren't necessarily the people who would know any better, I.E. suits who know nothing about video games. 
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Don't mess with the Bear. Ever.

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@SkullcrusherMountain: Ive had some of that Grass Jelly Drink, its damn disgusting lol.
#65 Posted by Xeiphyer (5679 posts) -
I thought for sure that somebody had sent them a pair of dildos! xD
#66 Posted by SkullcrusherMountain (997 posts) -
@mpgeist: Yeah, the beer was the only thing I figured would be actually edible.
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Ryan: "They're hollow, kind of bland."
Jeff: "Just like me."

#69 Posted by RedRocketWestie (381 posts) -

Those Aloe drinks never seem to go anywhere...

#70 Posted by HydraHam (1380 posts) -

1+ hour quick look now 30 minute mail bag? GB just keeps getting better!

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Wayne Gretzky's Toronto: The Video Game
Also, Vinny is the awesome.

#72 Posted by Sacerdos87 (166 posts) -

Gummy worm was awesome. I need to get me one so I can run around in my local mall hitting people with it randomly.

#73 Posted by Peacemaker (1124 posts) -

I'm wearing the same pants as joey right now.  We must be brothers or something.

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@Rek503 said:
" I bet that bear could take a T-Rex by itself! "
Yes! A shark in shallow water wouldn't have a prayer!
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Nice one haahah

#77 Posted by cravins90 (111 posts) -

I love how much fun the GB guys have. Also kinda jealous.

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Damn fine mailbag. Got some participation from all Comicvine, Screened, and Tested too (Joey is a tested dude, right?)

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I actually didn't taste test any of that stuff and I refrained from the shrimp and fish variety of snacks. The cake is also supposed to be slightly moist but eat that one at your own discretion.
Another funny thing is that there was an international cuisine  section at the market and it was chock full of Twix, Snickers, a variety of nacho chips, salsas and peanut butter. wth.
Watching the starcraft channel on tv was pretty cool. I'm reporting firsthand that they are still mainly focused on the original Starcraft.
btw, best finish ever.


#81 Posted by Jace (1134 posts) -
Yeah, just because I think she's attractive means I'm also in love with her(lol).
The line for presumptuous jackasses is this way:
#82 Posted by ManlyBeast (1220 posts) -

great mailbag. Funny as always. ps. it must be hard for brad working beside sara lol. 0

#83 Posted by ch3burashka (5490 posts) -
@Th3_James said:
" The gummie dildo was the best part "
Vinny ALWAYS brings the class.
#84 Posted by Rocospi (267 posts) -

Goddamn, the macro switching is nauseating.

#85 Posted by Ender_Obitus (61 posts) -

hey we have xenrgy in denver... hmmm, canada?

#86 Posted by Olivaw (1223 posts) -

I love pulp!
Except in orange juice.
Stoked about Bullet Storm, though!

#87 Posted by Chewii101 (866 posts) -

Fear no longer Ryan, that crazy corn dude with a gun is actually a peanut. It said something about peanuts in Korean on the front so I guess its peanut/nut flavoured? 
Also.....I think that Aloe Drink has gone bad by now

#88 Posted by DarkTravesty (333 posts) -

i wanted to know whats in the soggy box :( hell i'd open it if i were there.

#89 Posted by afrokola (533 posts) -

Retarded kid and his Ghostbusters friend for the win!

#90 Posted by Milkman (17831 posts) -

Best mailbag ever.  
Vinny's camera plop at the end was great. 

#91 Edited by Jumanji (466 posts) -

Guys, put down the fucking snacks already. Did you learn nothing from the Kinect-a-thon? I'm starting to suspect that a sizable contingent of the Giant Bomb fanbase are closet feeders that are jerking it to a bloody raw pulp every time a Mail Bag rolls around.
OK, this is a serious proposal:
Who wants to pitch on physician-assisted weight loss as a mailbag gift for Jeff and Ryan? PM me.

#92 Posted by Lydian_Sel (2518 posts) -

All of those crazy Korean snacks just looked way too appetising right now.

#93 Posted by Quacktastic (1065 posts) -

Did he stomp it at the end?  Take that Germany!

#94 Posted by TiE23 (259 posts) -

You can say "Retarded kid" when the kid looks like an idiot. Just don't call people with mental deficiencies or whatever retarded. That's just mean. I don't want to have my language forced by fucking Sarah Palin.

#95 Posted by fillmoejoe (1543 posts) -

That's got some tensile strength boy.

#96 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

Psycho grizzlies, far east foodstuffs, gummi dongs, beer, and perished who-knows? Mailbag of the forever!
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@Riboflavin said:
(Joey is a tested dude, right?) 
No, I think he's one of the general Top Men for Whiskey Media. 
#98 Posted by patrick5152003 (274 posts) -

more 30 min mail bags plz

#99 Posted by Volkodlak (125 posts) -

You know you should have called this video 'Handle with bear' right?

#100 Posted by W0lfbl1tzers (1789 posts) -
@Fripplebubby said:
" @Riboflavin said:
(Joey is a tested dude, right?) 
No, I think he's one of the general Top Men for Whiskey Media.  "
He's the video producer for screened.

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