Giant Bomb Mailbag: Help the Bear Edition

#151 Posted by AlisterCat (6065 posts) -

That gummy looks like a massive sex toy. Ribbed for her pleasure.

#152 Posted by Vorbis (2763 posts) -

Vinny always makes the best camera man.

#153 Posted by clientkiller (78 posts) -

With Kung-Fu, flavour love you long time!

#154 Posted by StrikerTheLizard (326 posts) -

"My wife will be so happy!" 
Vinny is god tier.

#155 Edited by Sharpshooter (910 posts) -

FACT: Never bring toothpaste with you when camping in bear territory. It like an afrodisiac to them. The last thing you want is a horny bear wandering into your camp. Probably what happened to the dude on that box.

#156 Posted by TheJohn (566 posts) -
@Sharpshooter said:
" FACT: Never bring toothpaste with you when camping in bear territory. It like an afrodisiac to them. The last thing you want is a horny bear wandering into your camp. Probably what happened to the dude on that box. "
This is why I never brush my teeth. Because of the horny bears
#157 Posted by DarkbeatDK (1548 posts) -

A gummy that is half the size of Sarah sounds like a pretty big gummy...

#158 Posted by ObsideonDarman (717 posts) -

30 Minute Mail Bag makes my Day even more Awesome. 
That Gummy worm was really disturbing, can't wait for all the GIF's of Rorie eating the tip. Oh God, even saying "eating the tip" is making me sick.

#159 Posted by Halberdierv2 (1985 posts) -

People, send more stuff to Giantbomb so we get more Awesome Mailbags!
#160 Posted by DiscoDuck8k (509 posts) -

Who doesn't love mailbag videos?

#161 Posted by BronzDragon (121 posts) -

That last package, was that an octopus?

#162 Posted by ProfessorEss (7648 posts) -

I want a QL of Cabela's something serious.

#163 Posted by Bigballs (7 posts) -

Whoo! Oakville , ON represent!

#165 Posted by knownspace (87 posts) -

Cabela Quicklook ASAP!

#166 Posted by eduardo (434 posts) -

That orange juice looks disgusting.

#167 Posted by Vaancor (258 posts) -

I BEARLY made it though the gummy dildo section without waking up the whole house from laughing, bravo!

#168 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

LMAO @ the end for Vinny dropping the camera in that gross bag.

#169 Posted by Duffy (139 posts) -

You should do mail bag videos more often, and white balance the camera vinni. Can't wait for the taste test!

#170 Posted by Scribbly (423 posts) -

Beverages galore in the mailbag O_O And bizarre marketing stuff from Bulletstorm... Meat and orange juice? Wtf man...

#171 Posted by Grissefar (2905 posts) -

Oh Vinny, you're a wonderful cameraman.

#172 Edited by PLWolf (965 posts) -

LMAO! The Gummy worm and the end were the best. I'm glad I'm in the office by myself today, cause I was laughing hard. HA

#173 Posted by DriveupLife (1140 posts) -

R.I.P. Gummy Dildo
#174 Posted by SiN13 (267 posts) -

What's in the box.

#175 Posted by Tesla (1992 posts) -

This is one if the best mailbags of all time.

#176 Posted by mrsmiley (1216 posts) -

Oh man, you guys better do a quicklook with those guns!!!

#177 Posted by Grilledcheez (4004 posts) -

This was awesome

#178 Edited by MeatSim (10983 posts) -

Angry bears, pulpy orange juice, South Korean Italian food, giant gummy worm, French Canadian energy drinks, Vietnam flavored Kung-Fu. The versatility of this mailbag is unmatched.

#179 Posted by GoldSoundz (107 posts) -

Gummi dong!

#180 Posted by Bismarck (449 posts) -

<3 The Re-animator  in the back

#181 Posted by Pop (2686 posts) -

epic mailbag is epic! :D

#182 Posted by Lake (140 posts) -

Someone from Germany sent them the Black Death in a box.

#183 Posted by alternate (2788 posts) -
@chak said:
" The guy on the Gigi drink is a Taiwanese singer called Jay Chou. "
I assumed it was Rain - but I assume all Korean singers are Rain (even the ones not from Korea).
#184 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1579 posts) -

I laughed so much. <3 mailbags <3

#185 Posted by Mesoian (1618 posts) -

I love Ryan Davis's "eh whatever" mentality

#186 Posted by alternate (2788 posts) -
I hope that German user posts on this thread and tells us what he sent :)
@TheRandomKo said:

" I could go for a gummy worm right now.. where do i get one that size..? "

@Shaanyboi said:

" @nidx said:

" YAY, they got my gummy worm! (I also sent one of the gummy bears) "

i'm from calgary.  Where the hell did you find one of those? :P " 
 Ryan knew what he was in for when he saw VAT19 on the shipping box.
#187 Posted by xMrSunshine (380 posts) -

For the whole 30 minutes, I was constantly thinking "Vinny is so gonna drop that camera" and near the end I was starting to think that I was wrong but NOPE, Vinny delivers.
That gummy "worm" thing was atrocious. So atrocious that it was awesome. My stomach started cramping from all the laughter.

#188 Posted by G24S (301 posts) -

Fyi, the small intestine of a human can be as long as six to eight meters long, depending on age and size of being.

#189 Posted by Gelatinousgelboy (256 posts) -

I love this so much.

#190 Posted by nick_verissimo (1437 posts) -

Everytime I get my bill for this monthly subscription, I wonder if I should continue, but then I see these video's and realize I'd be a fucking idiot not to.

#191 Posted by DeF (5190 posts) -
@Lake said:
" Someone from Germany sent them the Black Death in a box. "
maybe it was an experiment to try and ship rain in a box? ever thought of that? :D
#192 Edited by MormonWarrior (2790 posts) -

This site provides the best comedy.
Also, Sara gives them some class. She sounds like the caring mother in there. That's why it's good to have some girls around to balance lunatic men out.

#193 Posted by ICF_19XX (458 posts) -


#194 Posted by MightyMayorMike (448 posts) -

I love it when the whole office gets involved. What an awesome crew!

#195 Posted by IClavdivs (76 posts) -

"Do we get to win this time?"
Laughing my ass off.

#196 Posted by teh_destroyer (3689 posts) -

The Gummy Worm part was hilarious.

#197 Posted by Sergotron (555 posts) -

Epic Mail!

#198 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (1094 posts) -

This was awesome. Really want to send some Norwegian Milk Chocolate when I can afford to do so, but not sure how big the crew is on chocolate. And even though Norwegian chocolate is super delicious, it does seem a lot more boring than all the crazy snacks and beverages they get.

#199 Posted by darkjester74 (1602 posts) -

Dude, bootleg Kit Kats are the BEST!

#200 Posted by itspizza (460 posts) -

I demand a cabelas quick look

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