Giant Bomb Mailbag: Help the Bear Edition

#201 Posted by BooDoug187 (400 posts) -

Ryan Davis Moustache sounds like a character from a Suda 51 game.

#202 Posted by Baal_Sagoth (1376 posts) -

Man, this video contained more words of wisom than I would have ever expected. The weirdness of orange juice when it lacks the natural company of alcohol, the strategic relevance of snacks for the Vietnam war and Sara challenging the terrifying candy monstrosity. Perfect!

#203 Posted by Xealot42 (322 posts) -

Hurray for long mailbags!

#204 Posted by Curufinwe (1272 posts) -
@nick_verissimo said:
" Everytime I get my bill for this monthly subscription, I wonder if I should continue, but then I see these video's and realize I'd be a fucking idiot not to. "
I get those videos for free.
But I do plan on subscribing eventually.
#205 Posted by Ravenousrattler (1420 posts) -

the huge-ass gummi worm had me crackin up.

#206 Posted by fisk0 (5180 posts) -
@Nicholas said:


The moment I saw the "Re-Animator" title on their desk, I was in love.

#207 Posted by KyleBaron (176 posts) -

I want Jeff to say "YYeeeeeeaah!" again.

#208 Posted by nickux (1462 posts) -

One of the best videos on GB in a long time. So funny! I think I speak for many when I say- PLEASE OH PLEASE CAN WE HAVE A CABELA'S QUICK LOOK!!? 
Also, did that gummy worm remind anybody else of that scene in Requiem for a Dream?

#209 Posted by Banjo_ace (121 posts) -

just the tip

#210 Posted by RiotBananas (3822 posts) -
@MightyMayorMike said:
" I love it when the whole office gets involved. What an awesome crew! "
And some people said it would never work.
#211 Posted by tweetspot (183 posts) -

okay, vinny no longer can film segments - see "cloverfield"

#212 Posted by JJOR64 (19548 posts) -

Awesome video!  I kinda want to know what was in that Germany box.

#213 Posted by dsd21 (144 posts) -

So what the hell was it? A fish?

#214 Posted by Skronk61 (129 posts) -

I so want one of those bear buttons

#215 Posted by Jambones (1726 posts) -

Vinny's hands after stretching the worm made me go wash my hands. That was baaaad.

#216 Posted by nikemike99 (59 posts) -

I would like to have the cover art of all video games talked about as part of quick looks. That had me lauging so hard.
#217 Posted by RobotHamster (4236 posts) -

There has to be a way for Vinny to always be the cameraman and be on camera at the same time!

#218 Posted by Capum15 (5114 posts) -

Oh damn, that gummy worm was half of Sara's size.

Loved the ending, nice job Vinny.

#219 Posted by Titl (541 posts) -

For some reason this mailbag reminded me of Requiem for a Dream..

#220 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -
@Kontrapunkt said:
your gif is broken
#221 Posted by SippyCupNINJA (90 posts) -

Digging the hair Ryan.

#222 Posted by Nux (2551 posts) -

Best mailbag in a while. I want one of thoes giant gummy worms.
#223 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

Oh God I don't know what it is about your office. But everytime I watch one of these videos where you are going around your office, I just get motion sick. God I feel horrible right now...

#224 Posted by JokerSmilez (1373 posts) -

Yeah, Slow Cow! That stuff is awesome!

#225 Posted by mrfluke (5661 posts) -

16:07-16:10 oh vinny XD

#226 Posted by Spankmealotus (312 posts) -
@Landon:  There is no such thing as bad publicity. Just people seeing it in a video gets it in their head when it might not have been otherwise. Perhaps they know that unless they do something it wont sell at all.
#227 Posted by DJofSparta (60 posts) -

"My wife is going to be happy!"
I laughed so hard. Kinda wondering what was in the Germany box.

#228 Posted by DBoy (2152 posts) -

Vinny gives new definition to the word "shaky-cam" in this video.

#229 Posted by Agent47 (1931 posts) -

That giant gummy was just for shits and giggles I bet, it worked.

#230 Posted by AllanIceman (1344 posts) -

Good to have Mailbags back!

#231 Posted by GiantAssPanda (20 posts) -

I could really go for some kic-kers and a slow cow right about now
#232 Posted by CannonGoose (386 posts) -

Vinny really is the greatest cameraman.

#233 Posted by bjorno (1462 posts) -

pulp is the best part of orange juice

#234 Posted by DMack (77 posts) -

Here comes a very expensive parking ticket for Rorie :(

#235 Posted by coloursheep (58 posts) -

they guy on the drink was jay chou he is taiwanese not korean he like the justin timberlake of china 

#236 Posted by amandackrueger (250 posts) -

Oh  god I've been drinking since 4:30pm, and now it's 11:30pm...time to sleep...

#237 Posted by amandackrueger (250 posts) -

This feels like a dream sequence....good night Giant Bomb. Have a great weekend. 

#238 Posted by MattDementous (113 posts) -

vinny dropped it <3 xD

#239 Posted by Set (155 posts) -

man i'm lookin at ryan and i keep thinkin, "damn he'd look totally baller if he actually took care of his body"

#240 Posted by PatVB (357 posts) -

WHAT'S IN THE (German) BOX?!

#241 Posted by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

I'll be honest, when Ryan was flapping that extra long willy at the camera -and by extension, my face-, I felt a little violated.  D:

#242 Posted by shodan2020 (752 posts) -

You guys totally need to quick look that Cabela's shit. :)

#243 Posted by AsianSensation1 (4 posts) -

goddammit, i would've enjoyed the gummy worm...

#244 Posted by sharma55 (476 posts) -

Had to pause the video to go get orange juice...

#245 Posted by McGhee (6128 posts) -

Alright, when is the Cabella's Quick Look?
#246 Posted by pancakemaster (20 posts) -

How was there not one sexual joke cracked during the gummy worm bit. That seemed impossible O_O

#247 Edited by alternate (2790 posts) -

Apparently Cabelas was on Happy Hour.  PR package vindicated.



" How was there not one sexual joke cracked during the gummy worm bit. That seemed impossible O_O "

Other than Vinny's and Ryan offering Rorie "just the tip"?  I don't think they wanted to be too obvious - especially with Sara sitting next to them.
#248 Posted by Melvargh (555 posts) -
@pancakemaster said:
" How was there not one sexual joke cracked during the gummy worm bit. That seemed impossible O_O "
The joke kind of makes itself.
#249 Posted by inkwolf (76 posts) -

I sure hope they do a quick look on Cabela's 2011.   I'm honestly curious about that game.  Plus I think it would be crazy hilarious.

#250 Posted by Dain22 (331 posts) -
@pancakemaster: Didn't Vinny say "My wife's gonna be so happy!"?

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