I want a Quick Look.

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I don't care what console it's for, I just want a Quick Look of this game. (Though, probably the Move.)

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First thing I thought when I saw it unboxed.
I assume they'll do one.

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I guess you regulars aren't subscribers. Today's Happy Hour was nothing but the greatest QL of all time. ALL TIME. 

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Well... for under $5 a month you too can view the intense and exciting "semi look" of Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 during Friday 's Whiskey Media Happy Hour. With not one but TWO assault rifles in action for your viewing pleasure! You can see what it's really like to be hunted by the vicious man-eating "giant weasel", the infernal mallard, and the notorious "white-tailed deer". Do Ryan and Jeff have what it takes to protect their country... and themselves. Tune in to find out! - Wait there's more! You can see exclusive footage of the highly anticipated "Golden Sun: Dark Dawn" DS game due out this fall. Three one-minute clips of the game are screened during intermissions from the intense action of Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 that demonstrate the intensity of both story and combat to be expected in Golden Sun. Buy your subscription today!
But really, they will probably show a quick look of the game next week if we're lucky. ;)

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They weren't bears they were giant weasels! 
Also yeah a quicklook would be pretty awesome, I was actually really digging the hilarious brutality and sexism of the "single player" experience they showed us. I sincerely hope this game isn't intended to be taken seriously though because that was one seriously murderous fucking rampage they went on. Not so much hunting as just mowing down as many animals as possible.

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your leaving out the best part...the rogue icicles
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Don't forget the 12 foot teddy bears with machine guns coming out of there nipples.

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@Snapstacle said:
" I guess you regulars aren't subscribers. Today's Happy Hour was nothing but the greatest QL of all time. ALL TIME.  THEY SHOT SO MANY ANGRY BEARS AND COUGARS "
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@EveretteScott: Nope, the giant bomb segment of hte happy hour was mainly this game
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@Dany: @Snapstacle: I am disappoint. I have only myself to blame!
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WMHH wasn't enough Dangerous Hunts exposure. I second the request for a proper QuickLook. Preferrably with Ryan and Vinny.
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@Snapstacle: ah man! This is another reason I wish I had money for a subscription :(
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My guess is they'll also do a proper QL like they did with the Minimario game.

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Agreed, let's see it.

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@wasteguru: I agree, DAMMIT

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