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Cacoma Knight in Bizyland (just "Cacoma Knight" in Japan) is a puzzle game that greatly resembles the Taito Arcade game QIX. The player is tasked by Cacoma, the King of Bisyland, to restore his kingdom from the corruption spread by the neighbor kingdom Lasyland and their witch queen Wagamama. The player can control one of three characters: Jack, Jean and RB93.

As with Qix, the goal is to fill in a screen by drawing squares over a background image. Upon completing a square, the corrupted area contained within it becomes purified. The player is vulnerable to enemies roaming around the corrupted areas while drawing a square, so a cautious approach might involve drawing smaller squares to avoid harm. A certain % of purified terrain needs to be met before the stage is completed, and the player can earn bonus points by going over the required level.

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