glockstararmani's Cadash (Genesis) review

It Almost Sounds Like "Caddyshack" If You Say It Fast Enough

I remember popping this sucker in for the first time during one of my many Genesis marathons with my cousin. I've never played the arcade version, but I don't think I need to; from the looks of it, the Genesis port is superior. This is just a fun, simple sword-&-sorcery romp that really takes the term "sword-&-sorcery" literally. You're either a guy with a sword, or a sorcerer. Both of them were fun, but playing as the wizard was just awesome, because he looked like he was a million years old and yet he could still stand toe-to-toe against dragons and shit. It's hilarious. The last boss is a doozy and I've only beaten him once. Give this game a play if you love mermaids, krakens, demons, gnomes, ghosts, dragons, skeletons, spiders, or those super-annoying stone men who charge at you and you can't do a damn thing about it and I HATE THOSE THINGS!

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