Probably one of the best combinations of all time

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I used to love this game at the arcade as a kid. I mean, dinosaurs, cars, martial arts and lots of dudes to fight your way through. How could you create a better game concept?

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Wow, after so much time I finally tracked this game down. Yeah, I loved the game (Never got really far though, but I watched some other guy come a looong way through).
Damn, I want to play it again...

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What kind of shady stuff is going on in this forum ey?

Never even heard of this game!

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@Swoxx: Are you referring to the recent rise in... *whispers* Necromancy?
Anyway, this game is amazing. And that's coming from a guy who only played Asterix & Obelix in the "beat 'em up" area... Probably my favorite arcade (Not that I played much arcade because they never had any arcades here, at least not that I know of), so... Try it out if you can.
Damn, this thread brings back memories...

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