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I installed, I played, I liked

So recently I've been playing quite a bit of Caesar 4. It was released late last year but I was hesitant to pick up, since other titles were far more alluring. So with the drought of strategy games out at the moment I decided to pick it up.

My experience with Sierra's city building games was isolated to the old Pharaoh game. I loved it. It was a game of perfect balance, of course I rarely complied with this. Since I was still in single digits, I didn't bother reading the manual nor even doing the tutorials. But it didn't stop me from having fun.

But now I'm older and can finally attempt at the playing the game how it was meant to be played. Thankfully my previous knowledge is still applicable to Caesar 4, since it has almost the exact same controls and premise as Pharoah.

Houses attract people, then you supply them with water, jobs, luxuries. It's not exactly an exciteing game, but it's a fun one. Yes there are armies in the game, but they play a minor part.

It's all about giving the people what they need, healthcare, food etc. And of course appeasing the Gods, and also answering Rome's requests when asked.

Basically it is a great game for those of you enjoy the economic and culture sides of Civilization, I highly recommend picking it up.

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