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Supported Number Bases

  • Binary
  • Octadecimal
  • Decimal
  • Hexidemal

Supported Math/Science Functions

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Radion
  • Degree
  • Modulo
  • And
  • Or
  • XOr
  • Not
  • Inverse
  • Pi
  • Percent
  • Square
  • Square Root
  • xth Power of y
  • Two to the power of
  • 10 to the power of
  • e to the Power of x
  • Log e
  • Log 2
  • Log 10
  • Factorials
  • Sin
  • Cosine
  • Tangent

Supported Unit Conversions

LengthAreaVolumeWeight and MassTemperatureTimeAngleVelocityEngeryPowerPressureMetric Prefixes
metersq. metercub meterkilogramkelvinsecond
footsq. kilometercub kilometergramcelsiusmillisecond
yardsq. decimetercub decimeterdekagramfahrenheitnanosecond
inchsq. centimetercub millimetermilligramrankineminute
kilometersq. micrometerlitermicrogramreaumurhour
milesq. naometerhectoliterton3 pt of watterday
nanometersq. milebarrelcarratcentury
light yearsq. yardgallonatomic massmillenium
parsexsq. footpintEarth's mass
astronomical usq. inchcub mileSun's mass
furlongcircular inchcub yard
handcub inch
earth radiusouce

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