Someone help me on COD2 before I lose my mind

#1 Posted by lvl10Wizard (336 posts) -

I've been stuck in the same spot for MONTHS. Every time I boot this game it owns me and I just can't seem to beat it.

So it's the British mission where you have to capture the post office the church and finally the German HQ and I'm playing on Veteran difficulty.

I can clear the mission right up to the last checkpoint where you have to capture the HQ. I go right and smoke the two germans that are advancing and I run down the dirt track to the side of the HQ. Here i throw 2 smoke grenades over the hedge and a frag at the side of the house. When the smoke is up I advance forward and to the left getting in line with all the guys who are taking over at the wall in front of the HQ, i smoke all these dudes in one line of bullet death. Now I try entering the HQ (i'v tried fromm all doors). Germans appear from everywhere, the friendly AI stands and watches as I get my ass handed to me Germans pop out of the smoke and pistol whip my ass and a whole variety of other fails, such as omnipotent snipers who can see through smoke. I can sometimes get into the HQ if I'm lucky only to be attacked by 5 or so Germans who take around 5-8 bullets to drop and I have a 32 round clip! HELP!!!

If anyone remembers how they beat the HQ on Veteran difficulty then Please give me some advice because I really want to do it but i've ben failing time after time after time.


P.S. I've looked at guides but they're all lame, the strategies are not really applicable to Veteran difficulty.

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Uhhh I think I did this? Still haven't finished Veteran on CoD2 (had rented it when I first got my 360) but did on CoD3 and 4. All I can recommend is dedicating a gaming session to beating the problem area because it honestly boils down to how familiar you are. I recommend advancing as much as possible to stop the infinite spawn of enemies (where applicable). Also, advancing can make your Allies actually do something worth a shit and then you might be able to complete it.

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Yeah, I know how you mean by infinite spawns. |t's tough because it's the last checkpoint in the mission and the objective is at the top of a staircase in a German HQ. Everytime I get the stairs their are 4 dudes at the top and then I get rushed by Germans who come in from outside as if they psychicly sense that I am there. It's really tough, hardest part of a game I've ever played. I have devoted around 4 or 5 sessions sometimes for up to 3 hours to beating this area and I'm still getting my ass handed to me! The main problem I have is with ammo Germans have a sixth sense for when I reload- they pounch!

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There's no real strategy. Just take it slow and use your brain. That's my best advice.

#5 Posted by lvl10Wizard (336 posts) -

Sorry dude that advice is brainless

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lvl10Wizard said:
"Yeah, I know how you mean by infinite spawns. |t's tough because it's the last checkpoint in the mission and the objective is at the top of a staircase in a German HQ. Everytime I get the stairs their are 4 dudes at the top and then I get rushed by Germans who come in from outside as if they psychicly sense that I am there. "
Use frags and they can probably psychicly hear the gun shots.
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It's war

#8 Posted by DualReaver (3792 posts) -
lvl10Wizard said:
"It's war"
Protip: Gunshots are loud.
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i dont remember right now cause i did it back in 06.

But the COD series has respawning enemies, they will keep coming until you reach a certain point in the map. from what i remember at some stages i threw a smoke and just ran through the parts and the enemies stopped coming.
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ok maybe i should try taking them on with relaxation tapes and soothing language

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The CoD AI is so fucking unfair, though, that it's ridiculous. Don't you love when even sneaking around they are watching your every move and can probably do a 180 and insta-kill you. My favorite was the bad design of CoD3 where hit boxes were iffy and I would shoot a guy peeking from cover in the head, and it wouldn't affect him.

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I didn't think CoD2 veteran was all that bad, I never felt like the AI was cheating. CoD4's veteran is a whole other case though.

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yeah that's right the series definitely has its problems which are exacerbated by playing on Veteran difficulty. I feel cheated by it but I'm going to beat it I won't give up!

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I've beaten COD4 on Veteran, it was quite tough on the last mission and Mile Club Club, apart from that I'd say COD2 is more difficult.

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Look dude, beating COD2 on vet is next to impossible....but i did it...and i took a while, its all about luck.

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I've completed the game on Veteran. I actually completed everything except for Hill 400 on Veteran in 2006 and went back and did Hill 400 a couple of days ago. The part you described is probably the hardest one. There is no magic advice that I can give you, you just need to stay behind cover and move forward so your allies can follow you. Usually your allies just stay in the same spot until you manage to advance. You'll basically have to play it ridiculously safe, since a German with an MP40 will kill you in seconds, and make sure your allies take care of most of the enemies. Just keep trying and eventually it'll click.

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Phew, i just managed to beat the area i described. I need to do the next part of the chapter then beat Hill 400 and I've cleared it on Veteran, it's has taken quite some time!

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I picked up the Bren LMG and an MP40 so that when the Bren ran low I just switched to the MP40 for more bullets, it worked out since switching is faster than reloading and the Bren does a lot more damage so it gave me good stopping power. Still it wasnt easy. I got such a feeling of accomplishment afterwards though i couldnt believe it. Awesome :)

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