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Call Of Duty 2 Review

I love Call of Duty 2! The game is breathtaking from the time you pick up the controller to the time you put it down. If you want an in depth shooting experience this games for you. Intense firefights, Amazing graphics, and out of this world game play. Your partners in this game have phenomenal A.I and they can take care of them selves. They duck behind cover; they help you and reload when they have to. Call of Duty 2 starts were Call of Duty leaves off. You have three campaigns you can go through: The British, American (off course), and Russian. In the British campaign you fight the Nazis in South Africa, In American campaign you fight through Dooms Day and in the Russian campaign you fight through Europe. Let’s turn to online play you can play all the essentials: Capture the Flag, and Death match and its very good considering it’s the best Xbox 360 WW2 shooter to date. I love this game very much and I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have it.


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    Perhaps the last great World War II epic, Call of Duty 2, to many, was the end of an era.  Although subsequent efforts by other developers have been adequate, punctuated by Treyarch's latest Call of Duty: World at War, Infinity Ward's exit from the European theater still remains one of the finest efforts set in the heat of the second world war.  Perhaps it merely had the exquisite timing of being the game that squeaked passed the genre's expiration date, but any way you slice it, Call of Duty 2...

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