arab_prince's Call of Duty 2 (Xbox 360) review

The first COD on next-gen

I've never been much for war games, they usually end up too complicated, or too realistic that its just not fun. This game, on the other hand, is Amazing.

All of the sounds really make you feel like your in a war. The sounds ofa grenade exploding, or shots being fired, soldiers yelling out commands, or if they spot an enemy. It is really realistic, in a good way. It makes you feel like your there, which is what I was looking for.

Graphics are great. The environments are very well done. The only poor thing might eb the character models, but in all honesty, you wont be checking out the face of the enemy when hes shooting at you. So I wouldnt put too much focus in that department.

It has a multiplayer function. Unfortunately, offline multiplayer is just you and a friend(s). It would be soo much better if you could put bots in the game to play in multiplayer, unfortunately, you cant.It does have online multiplayer which is arguably the best online game for teh 360. Really fun and enjoyable, really a good aspect of it.

It is a challenging game, some levels are very tough some are not as tough. They alla re tough when put on the highest difficulty. And whats bad is that you need to beat almost all the levels on the hardest difficulty to get all of your achievements, if thats what your into.

All in all, a must-buy for any FPS gamer. At least a rent for people new to FPS games. :)


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