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Three Years Later, This Game Is Still A Hit

The Call Of Duty video game series has always been my favorite. The intense first person action set during actual wars has always been enough to keep me going back for more. Call Of Duty 2 is no different. While it was released around three years ago and was technically the first great shooter for the Xbox 360, it doesn't mean gamers can't still enjoy it's satisfying action and smooth graphics.

This is a good example of a tactical failure.

The game, obviously, is set during World War II. You assume the role of three different characters. First, you play as a Russian soldier fighting in the war-torn streets of Stalingrad during Winter. Next, you'll run through the African desert as a British fighter. As you last campaign, you get to play as the US Marines themselves, with your first mission being the D-Day invasion. The game itself can be very intense at points. However, a sense of redundancy is present. In almost every mission, your mission structure will be set up like this: Clear out some rooms, destroy this thing, clear out some more rooms, and defend against a counter-attack. While these can be fun at times, it does get a little boring after a while, especially since your teammates rarely help you and you must clear out buildings alone, which is just nerve-racking on Veteran difficulty as you never know where an enemy is hiding. The Germans also like to spam grenades your way on higher difficulties, and they never, ever miss.

Fighting with the British hardly ever gets old

For a game developed in 2005, the graphics are very good. The environments look okay, but the detail on the walls close-up are awesome. The best part is probably the look of the characters faces, believe it or not. They are amazingly detailed and look great close-up. Other then that, there really isn't too much to say about the visuals. The game also sounds as good as you would want it to, and I especially liked how your teammates would call out specific enemy locations, like "Enemy infantry! To the right, behind those barrels!"

You get to play as one of the soldiers in that Higgins
Boat right . Have fun.

Call Of Duty 2 used to have amazing multiplayer. Nowadays, with games like Call Of Duty 4 and Gears Of War out, the multiplayer community for this game is rather low. Don't expect to be playing in majorly packed games, as not to many people play this online anymore, which is too bad. I found it to be fun, even though there aren't any rankings or unlocks.

This picture best describes what the online community
for Call Of Duty 2 is like right now, unfortunately. Dead.

All in all, Call Of Duty 2 is a very good game. The missions are redundant at times, but nonetheless, they are intense. I would recommend this game to any Call Of Duty fan. If you are just buying it for achievements, you probably shouldn't bother, as there are only 13 and you can unlock them all by beating the game on Veteran (which happens to be damn near impossible, so good luck.) I thoroughly enjoyed this game, and I'm sure any FPS fan would too.


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