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NOTE: I normally do longer reviews but this game does not have a lot of content, but that does not stop it from being awesome.

The good: awesome graphics that still stand today - very good sound - awesome firefights - good gameplay good multiplayer.

The bad: Multiplayer matches can only have up to 8 people at one time - campaign rather short and easy - AI is rather well... not smart.

Your first though will indeed be WOW by the masive firefights graphics, and sound.
You play as one of three soldiers throughout the game. A russian private, a british sergant and an american private.
Now if you have played any of the cod series before you will know that the campaign is broken down into three smaller campaigns (hence russian, british and american campaigns).
But this time its a bit more of a timeline. By starting out as russians (where as in the two games before this you always played as the americans first)
Instead you will unlock more missions and you progress the timeline. and the Americans being last since they were the last of the allies to invade Europe.
You will embark on many different missions. With the russians you will be trying to take back your homeland from the nazis, Or the british trying to take france back from the nazis.
And of course the Americans where instead of D-day you play as a ranger who is meant to clear the way for the allies landing on Normandy the next day.

The campaign may take you around 6-10 hours depending if you have played a COD game before (and if you havent you are missing out). But on the hardest level (veteran) will take upwards of around 15 hours since you will die a alot.

The gameplay as said before is awesome.
Although the gameplay is a bit different from the previous two games in the series. Most of the guns have different sounds thatn before making them sound more realistic, but some guns I like the MP44 i wish tey would have kept the sound from that gun.
The weapons are your basic WWII weapons like the MP40, springfield, mosin nagant, Thompson SMG, MP44, Sten MKII and the list goes on.

Now the multiplayer is no doubt the best part of the game despite the multiplayer only supporting 8 players per match.
There are quite a few game modes like deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, Headquarters which is one objective that both teams have to try and capture and hold as long as they can to get points. Or search and destroy, now there are two teams, one defends objectives and the other has to try and destroy them. But, if a team has all its members killed then the team still standing wins.
The maps are pretty good, there are a few brought back from previous cod games like brecourt and st.mere egliese and there are some new ones like what seems to be the most popular toujane, which is set in africa in a village that makes for a very good map.
Now only 8 players online is a bit disppointing and not as chaotic as im used to on the PC which can have up to 32 players at once.
But there is 4 player splitcreen which actually tends to be more fun than the online multiplayer.

The graphics are simply AWESOME. When i first saw them i was amazed (that was 3 years ago) but even still they are very awesome to this very day.

The sound is good. The guns all sound very good. The acting as usual for a cod game is very awesome. And the soundtrack is even better than before.

So overall if you have not played a cod game before then now is the times to start. With awesome graphics and sound this game is awesome but not quite as good as the PC version.


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