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Call of Duty 3 is alright with me

Treyarch have always found themselves to be the whipping boys of the WWII FPS subgenre and they are forever in the shadow of developer powerhouse Infinity Ward.  However, sometimes this added pressure is not always a bad thing and can actually push a run-of-the-mill developer to produce above average products.  Such is the case with Call of Duty 3.  Although it doesn't hold a candle to Call of Duty 4, it is at least comparable enough to Call of Duty 2 to make it a decent WWII FPS entry.  If Treyarch can do a similar job with Call of Duty: World at War as compared to Call of Duty 4, they may find themselves in the position of getting some much needed props from the gaming community. 


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    CALL OF DUTY 3 1. STORY / GAME MODES Call of Duty is back and it’s 1944, at the height of the allies ever increasing dominance over Germany in World War II. This time around you will be taking on the roles of 4 characters each from their own country (, , & ) all of whom will be killing and fighting for their lives on the battlefield throughout your play. As a whole the story mode in Call of Duty 3 is somewhat disappointing. After the grand, epic and cinematic scope of last year’s game made...

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    GAMEPLAY The game play on Call of Duty 3 is really fun and fast paced, with a couple of new innovations in it. On the main campaign, you play as four different story lines, there's the American campaign, British campaign, Canadian campaign, and the Polish Campaign. The single player campaign is pretty long which will last more than 6 hours on the first play through and has hours of replay value with the achievements and multiplayer. The game play is kind of similar as the other series with the w...

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