Am I the only one who can't see what is so great about COD4?

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I know!!!
You kill random strangers and get up in levels and get awesome stuff like special grenades x3 and RPG's so you can kill more dudes.

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I understand what makes it so great, but I don't experience it myself.  One of my friends is amazing at that game, and I can certainly see why it's so much fun to play.  But I'm just not that into FPS' enough to get good and thus enjoy the multiplayer.

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Yes, You are the only one,

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Over the past couple years or so games have stopped focusing on quality and have become hyper-simplistic (in terms of mechanics) and thus more accessible.  The game is fun to play and looks great, and that seems to be the only thing a game needs in order to get a prefect score on this site. 
FYI: I love this site, I just often disagree with their reviews.

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