armaan8014's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC) review

You'll never walk alone.

 I can say easily that this is the best fps that I've ever played.
The game has an amazing mix of action, humor, suspense, and the best of all, an awesome story.
The environment and the things that happen around you truly amaze you at times and take you by surprise. There is no end to shocks till the end that will constantly leave you awed.
There is such a variety in the game that you'll never feel like quitting it.
The variety in this game is shown by the different kinds of mission which are too many to be mentioned. But the one that truly amazed me was in the level 'Death from Above'.
The graphics in this game are deadly as is commonly seen nowadays, which will make you keep hitting f12 to take pics.
The humor is embedded throughout the game, which makes this overall a fun experience. Since you'll be sticking with your crew till the end of the game, you'll kinda get emotionally attached to them, which amplifies the overall experience.
Seriously, this game is AWESOME and takes gaming to a whole new level as it is very movie-like. There's no question...YOU'VE GOTTA GET THIS GAME!


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