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A must buy modern day FPS!

 If you have played all the previous games of Call of Duty series, then you can easily portrait the amount of experiences; Infinity Ward has put in the title called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Their aim was to build up a modern day shooter and I bet they were massively successful.


Extraordinarily tensed gameplay and short-lived single player game; CoD4 MW will put you in different battle situations though out the game. Switching between US and British forces and from one part of the world to another, CoD4 MW will keep you constantly busy killing the enemy soldiers and securing parameters. The game has been designed in such a manner that it won’t enlighten you the story until you keep making progress. It can be confusing at times when you switch better different characters but every thing sums up when you reach the end mission of the game. The story won’t really matter too much when the game will begin. You’ll have to keep pressing the enemy and be busy saving yourself all the time.



AI enemy; this time isn’t dumb at all. They play teamwork just like you do with your team mate. They will give cover fire or through grenades when you’ve pinned down one of their soldiers. If two of them are at the same place, then one will cover another during reload times. Exactly how you and your team will play. Not only that, in a situation when you have to hold the enemy waves until air support or reinforcement arrives; AI enemy will make you sweat with their combat tactics. Without keeping an constant eye on the enemy surroundings, it’s very hard to keep up with the game. I suppose that’s what makes the game more realistic and more exciting.


Though the single player mode is fairly short, most of the sequences are extremely well designed and nicely varied. Plenty of traditional running and gunning,sniping, ariborne, stealth and against the clock missions. Level design and balance through the missions is top class, providing good challenge and extremely fast action throughout the whole campaign. A digital map will always keep you updated about your position and the area or the target you need to reach or capture. The game gets even better at the multiplayer mode. The excellent depth of the online/LAN experience makes perfect use of interesting maps based on areas from the main game. A nice feature called the Killcam shows you how you were shot from the eyes of your killer. There are also several unlocks modes and a rather competitive leaderboard to contend with.


This is probably the first CoD game where you get to use all the modern weapons. Laser sighted weapons are mostly handy during the fights, both long and short ranged. You can plant explosives and use heavy weapons when necessary. Once you are not in the open, you can turn on the night vision mode as well. Switch between weapons plays a significant role in the game. As each second is precious; there are missions where you will have to get used to switching weapons rather than reloading your favorite one to save both time and your life.


Graphics is excellent and the sound effects are impressive too. The soundtrack is also a high point, competing with any major TV drama and adding a lot of tension to the proceedings, while voice acting from both Brits and Yanks is convincing and occasionally amusing. Dramatic lighting and weather effects have also added the extra ingredients a good FPS would need. Combination of detailed graphics and extraordinary sound effects has out classed most of the FPS available in the market so far.



They only thing of this game that you won’t like is its progress of the story. Some mission objectives do relate to the story a bit, but between levels, there's not the same feeling of plot progress momentum, nor any real sense of storytelling pacing. That's not to say the game doesn't have its exciting moments, just that the story aspect feels like it could have been better if it was in a detail manner. This could also make the game a bit longer lived.

CoD4 MW is undeniably one of the greatest FPS games ever came out in the market and its journey will continue with the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 later this year. If you still haven’t played this game, then don’t wait. Just go for a thrilling and challenging modern day warfare experience that will surely blow your mind off.
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