valkyrie_44's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC) review

Short Single Player, Tried and True Multiplayer

- Lighting, and texturing looks extremely well done. Looking at the weapons they have a visable mass in the game. The Lighting effective give a great amount of grit, but at the same time give a good mixture of pallet to please the eyes.

- The physics in the game are now up to par with STALKER, and its punishingly difficult weapons handling, and the terrain is not as destructive as Crysis in some cases, but that doesn't mean that garbage isn't flying by and vehicles aren't blowing up around you and your enemies.

- The audio felt spot on, each weapon really had its own distinct sound and resonance. Where ever you went and where ever your enemy was positioned you could here their foot steps, vocal, and weapon reports.

- The voice work for single player was pretty darn good especially in the C-130 level just had a beautiful, but disturbing ambiance.

- The single player campaign is notably short, and sweet. What it makes up with its lack of quantity it really makes it up in such a great dramatic storyline, and tangible character depictions. Even though the game doesn't have a variable squad-based combat mechanic like Rainbow Six and GRAW, you have a feeling in some point that you are fighting side by side with others.

- The multiplayer is definitely a great addition to the game, you get the standard fare of game types like deathmatch, and team deathmatch, you can get hardcore modes as well.

- In multiplayer you get to levels, and with levels you get to unlock things, and receive achievements. Gaining levels is not difficult, and does not require selling your soul.

- Player get the opportunity after level 5 to create thier own classes, to suit their play style. These classes can be modified with perks, and weapons types.

- It should be even the lowest level player has a good chance at dominance over a level 55 player. The weapons and perks only allows players to fine tune their kits to exacting play styles, but does not make thier abilities so "uber" they cannot be eliminated.

Additional Thoughts:
- Where Crysis is the benchmark of high end graphics. The multiplayer component of COD4 is the benchmark that other multiplayer games need to strive for.


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