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An extraordinary shooter with broken multiplayer

Call of Duty 4 is an average first person shooter, but executes it extremely well. This campaign is full of action packed modern combat, and engaging missions full of surprises. The situations in each mission, including locations are done very well and keeps me very satisfied. The shooting mechanic works really well, also giving you a button to sprint which was a fairly new concept for the FPS. The guns you use in here will all be recognizable in what you would see in the standard world for weaponry. Playing through the campaign on veteran can be very challenging, and at times very frustrating, like dying quite a bit. I really enjoyed the campaign and had tons of fun doing it.
Then there is the multiplayer aspect of Call of Duty 4, which is set up really well. Where you can gain levels by getting experience points, which you gain by getting kills, completing objectives, and winning matches. There are also various game types to play in, as well as the standards like deathmatch. The one real beef I have with this game is actually the multiplayer, I can't really stand it. The shooting mechanic is really off, and pulling up your scope in your sight and shooting, well most of the time the bullets don't want to go where you are actually aiming at. I've played multiplayer Quite a bit when the game first came out, and tried it again from time to time over the past couple of years since it came out, but still has the same broken multiplayer. I consider what this game is good for is the campaign, and the multiplayer aspect doesn't work at all, and pretty much a mess. But all in all an excellent shooter, and recommend you go through the campaign for sure.

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