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Yeah, I guess its a great game....

After hearing from countless sources about COD4's unbelievably amazing multiplayer service, and its equally unbelievably amazing single player story line, I decided it was time to give COD4 a try and see why it was that most people believed it was great and all. After hours of trying out the story mode on regular and hardened, and a large number of hours playing lots of intense matches on COD4's multiplayer, I finally realize why it got as much praise as it did. Its just simply a VERY solid product, that just delivers on basically every aspect of what an FPS is supposed to deliver on. Stunning Graphics, Great Single player, and Intense Online Multiplayer; all that makes a great game with a lot of replayability, that is COD4.

Graphics wise, COD4 is just spectacularly stunning! I've only played the PS3 version, but I can assure you, you cannot be disappointed by how well the world in COD4 looks; HDTV or not, it looks good. Combined with a silky smooth frame rate, the COD4 world just looks very realistic and touchable. The textures are very high Res, especially on the characters and guns. You just can't not stop at some point in the game and admire the realistic look of the inhabitants of the world in the game. There are times you'll notice a couple bad textures here and there, but really, who cares? The good outweighs the bad. i give Graphics for COD4 a 9.8 out of 10.

There isn't much I can say ,story wise, about the single player in COD4. Its very well done. Although short (around 5 hours depending on the difficulty and how well you play FPS's) the quality of the campaign is very high. If you've played any other COD game before then you'd automatically know how COD4 works. You basically just jump into a stage and clear out all your targets within the first area, move on,  clear out another area, and so on, until you reach the end of the stage. There are four different types of difficulty in COD4. There is the easiest difficulty (which I haven't tried out yet), regular difficulty, hardened difficulty, and veteren difficulty. The easiest and regular difficulty aren't much of a challenge, and are suited for those who haven't played an FPS before, or just want to go ahead and progress through the story without having to worry to much about the enemy AI. However, hardened and veteren difficulties shouldn't be taken lightly. Just by my experience through the hardened difficulty I could feel the large bounce in AI inteligence from the regular difficulty. Its challenging but very satisfying in my opinion and gives the game lots of replayability. I give the singplayer for COD4 a 9.5 out of 10.

COD4's multiplayer is another of the products highlights, and is probably the biggest reason why COD4 has such a large amount of replayability. You basically start out at level zero and work your way up the ladder gaining XP from every kill you get in a game. Eventually all that XP you earn will reward you with a level gain, which will represent how good you are at the multiplayer. You can unlock different weapon customization options and perks as you keep playing online, which you can then strategically turn on what you want to make you have an advantage over the other players. I give multiplayer for COD4 a 10/10.

Overall, I believe COD4 is a solid game, with a LOT of replayability with its singleplayer and multiplayer components. I give COD4 a 9.7 out of 10.

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