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It feels like im being left behind.

Call of Duty 4 being the 7th game in the Call of Duty franchise feels excellent it combines enough new concepts to old concepts to create a blend of awesome that unfortunately gets cut off at the INCREDIBLY short single player campaign which is a great example of quality over quantity which feels like an incredibly insane action movie in 4D where you want to get off but something is compelling you not to which is where the game then flows to the Multiplayer.

Multiplayer is really where the game shines sending the players to great heights with a compelling persistent character system which makes you WANT to level up to 37 to get that G36C or even level 3 to get the Create a Class system which allows you to customize your class to how you want to play with the addition of "Perks" which allow stuff like increased sprint distance, more bullet damage and extra grenades which is just a little sample of what it has to offer.

Unfortunatly playing the PC version it makes you feel sad that your getting left behind, like the Varity Map Pack was only availible as a releease on the XBOX360 we had to get NVIDIA to sponsor ours and there hasn't been one sposnsored tournament by infinity ward such as the live fire weekend but it doesnt end there console users also get a "presitge" mode which extends the multiplayer even further which is one more feature that the PC lacks speaking of missing its starting to get VERY annoying leaving the game just to configure your classes which you cant do on the fly unlike the 360.

So although the PC lacks some features if you dont have a console or hate the game controller over a keyboard its a great buy on the PC but if you do have a console and enjoy the game controller go for it!

Oh and Infinty Ward please do the PC a favour and remember your roots!


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