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Short but sweet single player, and a highly addictive multiplayer

The single player mode of this game is short, but oh is it sweet. several seriously immersive and intense moments (in particular the sniper level) make it memorable. 

The multiplayer is where its really at though. I've got nearly 10 days clocked in online with this game. Its super addictive but not for some mindless dumb reason, its really just so much fun. Theres lots of depth, strategy, and skill involved in this game. Theres great weapons, great maps, great graphics, great ranking system, great perk system (except for matyrdom) that gives you different abilities and all adds to the class based system. a good team during a match comprises of a guy with a light machine gun, a small machine gun, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle and maybe a shotgun, but your not forced to be one of those, you can all be snipers if you wish to do so. each weapon in the game has a level of skill to master which makes playing this game a lot stay interesting as well. theres lots of great modes online as well, my favorite being hardcore search and destroy because it requires you to be very aware of the map and the common tendencies of other players, its fast paced so you must think fast and have a good strategy before heading right, and last but not least, the hardcore aspect means very low health and no HUD so its all about skill (unless you use something like a cheap grenade launcher or matyrdom or straight spamming grendades with the 3x grenade perk). its a great online game, your money will be well spent. best part is, its quite easy to get good at, you'll be winning free-for-alls in no time!

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