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It may be short, but the thrilling action keeps it awesome.

It's been a while since I haven't got Call of Duty 4. I then purchased it on Steam. After all that downloading, and played it, it's one of the most impressive and most amazing video games I have ever played.

The story is about you playing as either S.A.S and U.S.M.C. against Khaled Al-Asad and his commanding revolutionary forces in the Middle East and an ally of Imran Zakhaev; and Victor Zakhaev, the son of Imran Zakhaev and a priority figure in the Ultranationalist party. The gameplay is extremely thrilling and unexpected. It makes you focus on covering and aim for the enemy. The enemy are mostly soldiers rather then dogs. When your enemies are injured they fall down on the floor trying to shoot you with their pistol but hopefully you kill them. They also interact with the wall when injured. Everything in the game is impressive in a smart way.

Sometimes during gameplay, you do stealth and attack either way depending on how you do it. Two of them is being in the grass using camouflage and hiding from helicopters.

When your allies are infiltrating a house by blowing up or opening the door by rush or slowly, they kill or the enemies in the house or just let their gun peak through the door and enter. Yours enemies won't do the same but once you enter in a house, they open the door and shoot their gun with the rest of their body unexposed. You can either flush them out with a grenade or shoot them the hard way.

The weapons in the game are cool. Most of them are limited air support such as helicopters and jet bombers, C4s and claymores (bombs), grenades and flash bangs and the rest are guns using silencers or grenade launchers.

The multiplayer was great as you work together to defeat the opposing team in many tactics. Though there's a little of bugs in the multiplayer.

The AI is great as they take cover, attack, infiltrate and more others! Except when the enemies kill you, they keep shooting your dead body but really isn't any matter.

The enemies in the game are always soldiers with guns and abilities to take cover. There's dogs in the game that the enemy mostly uses against you. When they jump and try to kill you, you kill them before they bite and tear your flesh off.

The graphics are also awesome. Everything looks great and realistic with the light effects, water effects, model and texture quality, depth of field, etc...

The biggest problem in the game is that it's actually short but the epic gameplay enjoyment can entertain you while it lasts. It may be short but the thrilling action keeps it awesome.

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