orakk's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC) review

An epic singleplayer experience and an awesome multiplayer part.

Call of Duty 4 is definitely an epic game. Epic Single-player, epic multi-player, epic graphics, epic voice acting and so on.

Its not just a normal casual shooter, it stands out in its own way and it really feels good to sit down and play it. The only thing thats sad is that the Single-player is really short, maybe 4-5 hours for a normal first person shooter gamer, but you want to play it over again, just to see the awesome thing happening again. Now into more detail:

Graphics: In graphics, this game looks good even on 640 x 420 and on the highest quality in all, its like a movie with real actors, and you're one of them. Every single thing in this game is textured in such a great way, that it looks like the developers have used 1 week on each item if not more. Every character are having the best looks that just put's them out and you remember them. For example, the character called Captain Price, I will for sure remember him for the next couple of years, because his look and voice acting is just so solid, and his movements are so well animated too, and because of all these things combined together, it just makes this game so good to looks at!

Sound: Sounds, sounds, sounds, they are awesome. Each weapon, character and action have their own voices, or sounds (There is over 30 weapons and over 25 different characters) Imagine you have to import all of them voices and sounds in to a game and they have to be top notch quality. These guys/girls did an awesome job in this and just the sounds and graphics combined, you want to buy the game. Well, I would.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is epic, EPIC I tell you! Even though you complete the game once, you want to complete it again, and again, and again. Then when you've completed it several times, there is the EPIC multi-player. Unlike the other Call of Duty games, that had a horrible multi-player, in this game, the multi-player is as good as the single-player, if not better because at day 1 they had 2 teams, a single-player development and a multi-player development team. The other Call of Duty games they had one development team to do it all, so now, its quality work! Its like Battlefield 2. You start at level one, and each thing you do gives you experience, from killing players to planting the bomb. Then you gain levels and each 2 level you should advance in rank. Like Private and Corporal, then you should get new weapons and stuff. And when you for example kill 100 players with an M4A1, also known as colt, you get a new camouflage to your weapons to make it looks cooler. You also gain new equipment to your weapons and things like that. You also unlock perks. Now, perks are like super powers. Some may do so you can sprint for a longer period of time or, you might even get one so you can hold 4 special granades instead of one. You can have 3 on you at once and you can change in the create class menu. The create class is where you add weapons, camouflage and perks to your different classes that you have created yourself. And as you may see, the multi-player have lots and lots of stuff to unlock, and the good thing is that a level 1 game easily kill a level 55, (Which is the highest level) because the level 55 is not better than him because of all the stuff he have. He just have more things to juggle his character with.

Storyline: At first the storyline may seem confusing, but as you play, you get more information about the main storyline and it becomes more intense. This game is actually the most evil one to date, because instead of the second world war, you have modern war. In Iraq and stuff. But this storyline is about nuclear weapons and how the military will cope with that and its just so intense and you really get into the game. Then at the end of the storyline, all the loose ends get together and you just sit and watch the final cutscene with your mouth open thinking: "Wow!"

So overall this a really good game that anyone could enjoy if they are in to first person shooters.

Graphics: 4.5
Gameplay: 4.5
Sound: 5
Overall: 4.5



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