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Target Acquired.

Activision released their fourth installment to the Call Of Duty games, titled Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The game was very in-depth, with a high amount of detail put into every aspect of the game. From popping car's tires, to shooting through materials such as wood and sheet metal, this game is the closest thing yet to actually being in service.
Unlike the other Call Of Duty games, this title takes place in present day, with all of the current weapons and tactics used now. The gameplay is very similar to the other Call Of Duty titles; It's very smooth and seems natural when you shoot. A new addition to the game is bullet penetration. As mentioned before, now, instead of hiding behind a thin sheet of plywood and coming out unharmed, opponents can now fire their weapons through the obstacle. Don't worry though, you can still easily find places to get cover, just watch what you consider "cover". The graphics are average of a next-gen game. I was running my settings maxed out at a resolution of 1600x1200 and it ran with an average of 31 frames per second.
The story mode is short (I finished it in one night on a difficulty of recruit) but there are four levels of difficulty, so, take your time. In the story, you are switching between S.A.S. missions and tasks from the U.S. Marine Corps. The story is well written; it is a lot like an episode of 24. Like the HALO series, Activision added enemy Intel, a lot like the skulls that we've spent ever so much time trying to find…
There is also online play, with many things that make it different from other games of its kind. For one, the maps are huge and realistic, and span from the bombed streets of the Middle East, to small, overgrown farming villages of Russia. Along with massive selections of weapons and maps, Call of Duty 4 also offers a new option of Create a Class, where you customize your weapons and attachments that fit your needs. Along with create a class, even more customizable options are included, called perks. For example, when killed, a perk is that you drop a live grenade, that (hopefully) blows you opponent to smithereens. There are three slots for you to put perks, and each slot has several choices. The ranking system is a lot like Rainbow 6: Vegas. Wherein every kill (or assist) gives you a certain amount of points, witch brings your overall ranking up. The higher the rank, the more weapons, perks, and attachments you unlock. 
Overall, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is very different from its successors, with an in depth storyline and full customization of your character.

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