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Duty Calls

I haven't played any of the first Call of Duties so please don't call me out on this one, but I would say this is a great game. I didn't like it until I saw my brother playing it and making a set. Where to start? Of course, 1 player.


You start out in campaign mode at a military camp. After running a few drills, you are then put to your first mission. As you venture through, you'll feel the game engine at work, making the screen tilt at times. But like all things, the story will die. And relatively short.

The Good, 1 Player

  1. Some very touching and heart stopping missions.
  2. You'll make sort of a connection with your team mates.
The Bad, 1 Player
  1. Very short.
  2. Some missions are a pain in the ass.
  3. Strict orders on what to do.

This is where the party's at. You start at Rank 1 and work your way up to 55, earning new weapons, badges, camouflages, attachments and perks on the way. As mentioned, 55 is the max level... Per rank. At 55 you can either stay at your level, and keep your progress. Or go into prestige, and redo it all over, for a new shiny badge. You will lose your progress though.


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