filiwian's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PlayStation 3) review

One of the 1st FPS that defines next-gen consoles capabilities.

One of the best FPS I've played in years. It has a great storyline with great graphics that are a sight to see. The storyline may be short but has more to offer online with it's customizable weapons and perks. The storyline consists of playing a variety of  mission that leave you on the edge of your seat along with breath-taking cutscenes. Once you finish the game you can go back and play it again and look for intel that enable you to unlock cheats such as infinite ammo depending on how many you find. There's also different difficulty settings to set your need of having a challenging campaign. Online play works with a ranking system that as you go online you unlock new features that make you playing this game a little easier. The perks in this game are really helpful which includes from shooting through walls to martyrdom which allows you to drop a grenade when you die allowing you to get some kills just before you spawn.

The weapons also have customizable colors such as digital camoflauge(black white) and red tiger (red and black) . There are many challenges to keep you occupied throughout your day and has a variety of maps to paly over and over again. Once you reach to general you're given an option to do prestige mode which basically means you lose everything, the only difference is your rank but you can always get your weapons back by leveling up all over again. You can do this ten times which can be an annoyance but it gives you to do something on your spare time and a sense of an accomplishment. I suggest you get this game if your a fan of shooting games or plainly the series itself. If you're not big on FPS I suggest youtryit anyways as you get more than what your paying for and you won't regret it.

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