breadfan's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360) review

One of the best games to be released in recent years

Call of Duty 4 is one of the best games to be released in recent years and offers possibly the greatest online mulitplayer of this generation.

  • Great single player campaign
  • Impressive visuals
  • Shooting feels realistic
  • Online multiplayer


  • Single player is not that long
  • Occasional gameplay glitches
  • Vetern difficulty can make you go insane

Call of Duty 4 is the return to Infinity Ward's work on the series and leaves World War II in the past to take on the modern world.  In this installment of Call of Duty you will experience the battles of a fictional conflict that could trigger World War III or a nuclear holocaust, it is your job to prevent this from happening.  Missions vary from infiltrating a Russian freighter to the fire fights in the middle east.

The game begins with you playing as a prisoner being dragged to a car and being driven off as you part of the game's plot is revealed through hearing a speech that is being broadcasted.  This mission does not last long and ends with you being executed, triggering an invansion by the US and it's allies.  This is where the fun starts.


Your first proper mission involves you and your team, a highly trained SAS strike force, infiltrating a Russian cargo ship that is out at sea.  This mission offers intense close quarters combat that kicks off the game's non stop campaign of Call of Duty 4.  From here you discover what you were sent there for and what the crew had been trying to protect.  I will refrain from spoiling anything in this review.  From here you will enter the role of an American marine fighting in the middle east and you will switch between the marine and the SAS soldier throughout the story.  The only draw back to the game's campaign is that it is fairly short, but for what you will experience it is well worth it.

The gameplay controls much like the other Call of Duty games, with a few additions.  You use the left trigger to aim through the gun's iron site and use the two bumpers to throw grenades.  These controls are very responsive and work well throughout the entire game, as well as when your playing online.  The shooting is very realistic and adds a new dimension to the combat. 

There are plenty of guns at your disposal throughout the game, anything from assault rifles, sniper rifles, submachine, heavy machine guns, and pistols.  As well as a variety of explosive devices.  All of these guns can be found in the single player campaign as well as in the online multiplayer, offering different strategic elements depending on how you want to play.


Call of Duty has been known for it's online multiplayer and the fourth installment takes it all to the next level of greatness.  Call of Duty 4 is possibly the greatest multiplayer game on any console, still holding strong after its release date late last year, and may be the best online shooter of this generation. The game offers a class creation option that allows you to mix and match different guns and perks to fit your style of gameplay.  Perks are gameplay tweaks that give you an advantage by giving you more health or allow you to do more damage for example.   You progress through a series of ranks that unlock new weapons and perks for you to customize classes with. There is a variety of game modes that all offer different kinds of gameplay.  These modes include the usual team and solo deathmatch options to modes such search and destroy, sabotage, and domination. 

Search and destroy is a team based game mode that is similar to Counter-Strike where one team must plant a bomb and the other must defend the area.  Sabotage is much like search and destroy except the bomb is located in the middle of the map and the two teams must fight to control it.  Once a team has the bomb they must plant it at the other team's base.  Domination is another team based game mode where the teams must fight for three different control points spread across the map.

What makes Call of Duty 4's multiplayer so replayable is the Prestige Mode.  This mode allows players to go through all of the ranks once again starting from scratch.  This option is available up to ten times and each Prestige Mode gives the player a new rank emblem.  Each emblem shows off your experience and how far you have gone in the Prestige Mode.

Call of Duty 4 is possibly the greatest game to come out in recent years and offers some of the best multiplayer seen in any shooter.  The game's campaign is fairly short, but what you experience is still more than what many other games offer.  Call of Duty's plot is very engaging and action packed, never letting up at one moment.  Combined with the amazing online multiplayer and a gripping single player campaign, Call of Duty 4 is one of the best games of this generation.


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