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Flawed multiplayer, but a fun campaign

People are talking about COD4's experience-based multiplayer as a groundbreaking achievement in online shooters, and I find much to disagree about there. Basically, as you gain experience for kills and accomplishing missions, you open up more and more guns and mission types.

There is a flaw with this system, which is that everyone starts out with a poorly aimed pea shooter of a gun and must unlock the ones that can actually wipe you out fairly quickly. These guns are in the hands of the skilled players, who DO NOT NEED the most dangerous weaponry. I feel the experience would have been more challenging in reverse, providing easy kills at the start and working upwards by providing you with more precise weaponry.

Other than that detail, COD4's campaign mode is basically all you've heard before, a better than average story for a "realism" shooter combined with good AIs and a load of memorable set pieces. Infinity Ward should be commneded for trying to make both consoles and the PC as even-handed as possible in terms of user experience, as the PS3 often gets icky ports or the PC gets what feels obviously like console fare. Here, all three versions excel at what they do.

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Posted by Vinny_Says

You start off with the AK 47 and the M16 which are arguably the two most powerful weapons in the game.

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