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This game is so good, i still play it over my new games!

Enter Soap MacTavish and Phil Jackson, part of the S.A.S. and the U.S. marines. They are on a series of missions to uphold Russia's backlash created by the ultimatist leaders. The game basically revolves around that aspect. You have to do a series of missions where you have to progress further to find these leaders or you have to actually kill them. There are four difficulties in this game, recruit, regular, hardened and veteran. Recruit is for beginners, regular is one step higher. The difference is you die faster and the gunplay is more game style than the enemies shooting off in space. But hardened and veteran difficulty are a challenge, for i have three missions left to complete on veteran. Hardened is very manageable but there are some hard parts where you have to face onslaughts of enemies and you have certain time limits to reach before your helicopter lifts off or the bomb goes off. But veteran challenges anybody, even the best players have trouble with this because the enemies are so smart, its not even funny. If you run up, and the enemy is still three hundred feet away, you get shot and your almost dead. This game is exactly like hardcore team deathmatch and hardcore search and destroy on call of duty's xbox live version. You basically die in two shots. But your enemies in campaign take a few shots to kill them. For online play, there are various modes of gameplay you can engage in. Such as team deathmatch, mercenary team deathmatch, team tactical, search and destroy, ground war, domination, headquarters, hardcore search and destroy, hardcore team deathmatch, cage match, old school free for all, free for all, and sabotage. Team deathmatch consists of 6 on 6 matches. Mercenary team deathmatch is where you join the game by yourself and not with any friends, then its the exact same as team deathmatch. Team tactical is 3 on 3 games of domination, search and destroy, sabotage, and headquarters. Search and destroy is 6 on 6 matches but when you die, you have to wait until the round is over to respawn. Ground war is basically domination and team deathmatch but it is 8 on 8, making it more deadly. Domination is basically capture the flags. Headquarters is where you have to capture a headquarters, defend a captured headquarters or destroy a captured headquarters. hardcore search and destroy and hardcore team deathmatch are the exact same as their non-hardcore family except for you have limited ammo, no HUD, and your health is miniscule compared to the other games. Old school free for all is playing 1 vs 7 others except you play the older game modes of other call of dutys. Free for all is 1 vs 7 others call of duty 4 style. Last but not least, sabotage is planting the bomb at the enemy target and defending it until it blows. But make sure not to die, because you have to wait seven seconds to respawn and if the bomb is planted on you and your whole team dies, your screwed.

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Posted by playaman64

I meant to say Paul Jackson and not Phil.

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