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A great experience not to be missed...

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a First Person Shooter created by Infinity Ward. After a boat load of FPS' s set during the WWII timeframe, COD4 breaks the mold and places you within various environments (mainly urban) during modern times. This is a HUGE change as it gives the game a unique fresh feeling. Personally, FPS' are not my forte, however, after playing this game my feelings for the genre began to change.

Somebody who is not a fan of FPS' can complete the single player campaign on normal in a little over six hours. It will seem shorter than that due to the fact that the game is so faced paced and well stylized that you become totally immersed in the ordeal. Graphically, the game is stunning and can be arguably called the best visual experience on a console yet. Most models within the game represent their real world counterparts very well. The physics engine is very good as smoke, explosions, dust, gravity, etc. all behave as if you're in a real world war zone. The only hitch I have with the game (noticed during the sniper mission) is that the grass doesn't perform how you'd expect. I would've loved to see it sway in the wind and flow as if it had life to it, but it just stands still. This isn't a big issue and doesn't take away from the overall experience at all, however, it was a deflating moment for me personally.

On a brief tangent, all I have to say is that I loved the sniper mission. I was completely immersed in the situation especially when I entered the open field. The fast paced action until the moment you're rescued is top notch and definitely one of the high points during the single player campaign.

The sound effects and voice acting are great. The voice actors do a wonderful job and perform as if you're watching a five star war flick...very believe able. The AI will flank your position throw grenades you threw at them and generally put a good fight throughout the campaign and helps contribute to the long lasting impression of the game.

The game's online modes flourishes and makes for one of the best multiplayer experiences to date. You can request your friends to join your party, which is not too common on many PSN games (unfortunately) and take on the world through the traditional game modes such as: Capture the Flag, Death Match and Team Death Match. You rank up after receiving experience points, which is key to your success within the game. Once you rank up you can unlock better weapons and upgrade the various classes, which in the long run will give you better tools to destroy your foes and claim domination over all!!! If you're a fan of First Person Shooters or titles with great gameplay, Call of Duty 4 is a title definitely worth checking out.

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