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A Great Single Player, And The Best Online PSN Game.

After Call of Duty 2, Infinity Ward handed Call of Duty 3 over to a different publisher Treyarch which did a decent job. After awhile, they announced they are ditching the World War 2 story and going Modern and what a great choice. Now Infinity Ward has released there next game Call of Duty 4 and may have been the best game of 2007.

Throughout Call of Duty 4's story you will go through many exciting battles. Sometimes you will be with a squad of soldiers and sometimes just one other teammate. The game will change things up in about every mission. Some missions rely on stealth and sniping. Some others involve you in a plane shooting enemies below to help your men. The game has many different missions and give's you more option's then the previous games.

The Campaign mostly has you saving the world from a nuclear war. You will fight and stop the missile and more to save the world. The interaction with you and your squad is amazing and the allies of your have very good AI and aren't stupid and know what to do. They will even warn you to duck and they will help you take down a target or take the target down themselves. The Downside to the Campaign is that it end's. The story of this game is super short and can be beaten in less than 5 hours.

The Story has very great gunplay but the game has very cinematic and movie like cutscenes. The game feel's like a superb movie basically with real great gameplay.

The Weapons have improved greatly from the last games in the series. You Have Assault Rifles, LMG's, Sniper's, Shotgun's, and many more. You can man a turrent to knock out the enemies ever faster. You can play some Claymores and C4's to take your enemies down without a approach.

After beating the game, you may ask, now what? Well now you can play COD4's amazingly great online multiplayer mode. The best thing may be in this game you rank up by getting XP which is experience points. This is a great thing for a online game, you feel like you actully play the game and earn stuff. You feel like you never wasted your time. The Online Multiplayer may be the greatest thing in this game.

You earn XP by killing an enemy and unlocking and doing challenges. You can rank up to level 55 which is Commander. You may think It's all over there, well it's not, You can go onto Prestige and earn yourself a nice shiny badge. You can go on Prestige for a total of 10 times and this is a way to keep you hooked to the superb multiplayer this game hold's in store for you.

There's many game modes for you to chose from. I'll List a Few to show you what I mean.

Team Deathmatch: Eliminate the other team.
Domination: Capture Flag's A, B, and C and Defend them from enemies.
Sabotage: Fight the other team for the bomb to plant it.
Search and Destroy: Plant the Bomb and defend the bomb and eliminate enemy players. (No Respawn's)
Ground War: Huge Team's, Mixture of game types.
Team Tactical: Random Game Type. Kill Other Team.
Old School Free For All: Pick up your weapons, no custom classes and kill everyone.
Free For All: Kill Everyone

As you see, In Call of Duty 4 you alway's have a wide and big choice on what to do. In all these mode's, making it a great online game.

Overall, this game is very much the best game in the series. It's rewarding and fun and will keep you coming back. Infinity Ward has done a amazing job at making this game and you can see all the effort. Making one of the best games of 2007. It's 2009 and I still play the Multiplayer, 2 years, now that is long lasting!

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